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  1. I bought this (already had it in XP11), and saw it had been recently updated. The update was not, however, anything to do with the outdated scenery. The tower is now white (and has been for some time!), the 3 Greens restaurant left years ago, and the replacement looks very different now. Also, there are beautiful, brand new buildings/hangars there! It's a good package at a very reasonable price, but it is very out of date :-( After all, the main point of buying a hand-crafted airport is that it represents the real scenery. Otherwise, one might as well just use the stock set-up, which has the runway/taxiways already. It's the Covid restrictions which are turning me into a curmudgeonly old ............ (use your own word!) :-)
  2. Thanks a million, Jon. That will now be my .ini file when I am using TE. I often "fly" in areas with no TE yet available, so I don't bother to leave the SSD dangling on a hub for ages, without it being accessed. Or, I'm doing a flight, where I'm mostly on instruments, and I don't need the TE views! That's when I use the alternative .ini. Regards
  3. OK Jon. I'll put the roads under the airport (which is what I thought may be necessary). I only had them in that order, because Central installs it that way - so I thought Orbx would know. As I said, it all looks OK on my machine with TEGB working. The odd effects only appeared when I just used the airport without TEGB - which (surely) some of your customers would be doing. It is probable that the airport developers have optimised it for TEGB, and that the default X-Plane mesh does not quite agree with it...(?) In the overall scheme of life today, these things really don't matter, but it's another diversion which serves to keep me amused! You said you'd adjusted my .ini file to optimise Orbx. I thought I had it about right, because it seems to work OK, but please tell me (or show me) what you altered. I started this reply earlier, but we decided to walk a local golf course, which had kindly permitted us to do so, while golf is not allowed!
  4. Bl-m-y! You get up early on a Saturday morning I'm attaching both .ini types. Again, note that everything looks perfectly correct with TE active. Just no other planes. All buildings, vehicles, etc. look fine with TE active. Using 11.52 on an iMac. scenery_packs no Orbx TE.ini scenery_packs with Sandisk Orbx.ini
  5. Hi. Just installed Liverpool from Central. It put the entries in scenery_packs.ini below Global Airports, which can't be right. So, I put both entries into the general airports list. The default order from Central put the "roads" dierctory above the actual airport entry. Is that correct? I've firstly tried this, without loading up my True Earth. I'll do that later. In the meantime, the airport looks devoid of any other aircraft. Many vehicles and buildings are partly buried. One or two items are floating in the air. Also, there appear to be a few small buildings in front of the main entrance (a couple partly buried), which I'm not totally sure should be there at all. Before I edited the .ini file, I did load the airport, and I was sitting in the GA area, surrounded by loads of half buried planes. After re-organising the .ini file (as above), the planes had gone completely! Otherwise I think it looks OK. I don't seem to have any doubling up, which I saw reported in the forum. I don't have any other Liverpool entries. Anyway, I then tried it with TE GB Central, and it's perfect. Still no other planes anywhere, but all vehicles and buildings look fine. I let X-Plane put the airport at the top of the .ini file, and left it there. Out of interest, I then re-edited the .ini file I use if I don't use TE at all (TE is all on an external SSD, which I don't always use. I have 2 sets of .ini files, and use whichever is appropriate), and I put Liverpool at the top, but it makes no difference. Buried and floating objects are there again. It must be an underlying mesh problem, but I haven't noticed it anywhere else, except for one floating sign at Elstree. I will look more carefully at other airfields.
  6. Phew! I think I've fixed this. I uninstalled Central again, and I was using a very reliable uninstaller. However, it had obviously let me down, because I noticed that it was not removing the Orbx entry in the Application Support of my user library. Hmmm.. So, I deleted that myself, re-installed from scratch, and now it works! That obviously happened when I uninstalled yesterday, and I didn't notice, because this uninstaller has been so good. Somewhere, in that library, was something that Central did not like. Quite what, I have no idea. Anyway, all is good! Have a great day/night - whatever
  7. I tried uninstalling an airport (Cardiff), and tried to re-download through Central. As before, I got the message that (in this case it was 13 files failed to download), yet a popup showed it installed, and it showed on the list with a green tick. In fact, the only file that did download and install was the new version text! Nothing else. So, sadly, I'm: 1) Unable to update 2) Unable to buy or install any product. My internet connection is fine. I'm running Orbx Central in Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7. Jon, maybe the "Central" programmers can help me out. I don't wish to be a nuisance, but this is frustrating. Regards.
  8. @Nick Cooper The fact that TEGB is all HD was not appreciated by me. I should have twigged it from the download size! That runs perfectly well on my iMac, so I guess upgrading Florida may well be on the cards
  9. Hello Jon. I'd already done all of that, but the point is that I'm getting these errors on every product that I'm trying to update. At the end of the day, I'm wondering whether to just delete all my Orbx airports and re-download (they are all backed up on another hard drive!) - but the trouble is that I get the error message when I try to download again. So, I'd never get the airports properly. Is this a server problem? I'll delete one, and retry to see if it works. Also, there is a large cache folder. Should I delete that? Frankly, for airports, I think it far better for Orbx to allow us to download a zip file from their website, after we have logged in, and they know we have purchased the product. Every other vendor does this (or we can do it from whatever online store we purchase from), and I've been using X-Plane since version 8, with no consistent problems such as these. A minor issue is that I think it is now a reasonable request for Orbx to see that their forum and other support personnel own a Mac computer. A significant percentage of X-Plane 11 users (OK, not a majority, but still a significant number) run it on a Mac, as (unless they are using Boot Camp for Windows), they are not flying MSFS 2020, FSX or P3D. That way, support may be able to identify a Mac specific problem. I know that Central is tested on Macs, but it seems a very roundabout way of doing things, when a Mac problem seems only to be addressed by someone in Australia, bearing in mind the time zone differences, etc.
  10. Hello Jon, I had just thoroughly uninstalled Central, and reinstalled from scratch. So, there is a new log file in my library, but I've located the older one in my Time Machine backup. Also the scenery.ini file you want - yes, I know - a lot of scenery........ Hope you can help. BTW, I see that the new library folder (that's the Mac user library application support one, not an Orbx scenery library) shows a list of backups, but I haven't investigated them. central (original).log scenery_packs copy.ini
  11. Hi I've posted a query in the Orbx Central forum, but no one has replied. I don't seem to be able to update anything without getting error messages. Usually, one file is not downloaded. Verifying produces the same result. As I am supposed to have 15 updates to be done, I am a bit mystified....... Also, installing Fisburn tells me I have 21 files not downloaded, but Central says it is installed, and puts a green tick by it. Running on an iMac in 10.15.7
  12. @bvdboomen Yes, I realised that it would be the tiles. Like a lot of my ortho...... Still, I wonder whether Orbx has a trial option - which would make sense. They could let us have a small area only, and let us see if it works OK. Much easier than a long download, finding it's not working well, and then going through the procedure of getting a refund.
  13. In addition, I can see that the only file that has been changed (or added) is the version.txt file - which is probably why I get the pop-up. I can't see any other file with a newer date than the original installation. So, the update hasn't taken place!
  14. I apologise if this has been asked elsewhere, but I'd like to know if there is any way to try out a bit of an HD set, without downloading the whole package. I have a few TE packages (all in SD) for X-Plane 11 on a Mac. I'm particularly interested in FL and SoCal, and the upgrade fee is fine - it's just the idea of downloading GBs of data, and then finding it may not work nicely on my computer! Then, I would have wasted time, bandwidth, and - oh yes! - money.
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