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  1. my mesh is set to 1m so is that an issue?
  2. OK one sec ill let ya know also experiencing low fps ...
  3. Yer for some reason even without statics it doesn't free up the spaces. Rather annoying.
  4. Ok thanks. I get why there are no parking spots so thats bot such an issue.
  5. I mean its an orbx product and its broken so surely ORBX as a company should fix it
  6. Ah ok so its a yet to be fixed issue? The airport works as it should sort of. Guess as-long as i know its knows ill be happy with that.
  7. yer i don't care about the Jetway i did that already. look at the pictures that not GSX GSE its the GSE thats part of the ORBX scenery that is showing as under the parking area.
  8. PAKT is in alaska and That fix is for KLAS which I have done but ill see if PAKT had a file as well.
  9. my runway and taxiways work its the GROUND service scenery items showing under the ground
  10. and you think I didn't look there first? its not the issue I have as m insertions points are right and have fsaero disabled.
  11. any help please? i have a friend has the exact same issue.
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