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  1. Does this purchase include the freeware as shown? Do I need to keep or delete the following 3 directories? Thanks
  2. Should All UK Orbx add on's work with the update? Cant load a flight when selecting EGLC! The loading bar stops & hangs!
  3. I preferred the old logo much more. The new one has much less impact!
  4. Having replaced Prepar3D V4 with MSFS2020 as I now no longer use P3d V4. I want to uninstall it to make HD space. I see I am able uninstall each Orbx individual addon from Orbx Central but as I have many Orbx addons, this will take ages!! I also have some Aerofly & Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 sceneries which i obviously want to keep! So is it possible just to remove the Prepar3D sceneries more quickly than by doing it individually?
  5. London landmarks is dreadful. Obviously been rushed out. Why they couldn't just include the buildings that are not in the default sim rather than replacing higher quality objects like Tower Bridge, The Tower Of London, Westminster etc. is utterly beyond me. It is most unlike Orbx as I love their stuff but this is inexcusable!! Please advise how to refund this purchase.
  6. Can one disable the Orbx London City Landmarks in MFS rather than uninstalling it?
  7. I'm speechless & utterly gobsmacked by this video. Truly astonishing. It really is as real as it gets!
  8. How are you zooming into instrument panel?
  9. Flew from EGLC today along the Thames & much of the road traffic is going under many bridges, (on water level), rather than on the bridge! Is this to be expected?
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