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  1. Oh my goodness this is brilliant. Is the a POI list out yet? Would love to know if Durham cathedral and castle made it to the final cut.
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied to the Shetlands inclusion, I missed the KMZ file OscarGrant I believe they're working on the P3D versions of True Earth GB right now.
  3. tonywob - Massive upvote for the Lake District. There's a question, any tents planned for the camping and caravan parks?
  4. Doug Sawatzky - Hello Doug. Are you referring to Chris's installation issues or the night lighting problems? Are the Orbx Libraries installed by default alongside GB South or are these something we have to download separately? Thanks, Brent.
  5. What sort of coverage is included in GB True Earth "South"? I thought I read the breakdown would be England / Ireland / Scotland / Wales. Has this changed?
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