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  1. My comment was not intented to pick fault with TE North. I just thought ORBX would like to know when a POI object is facing the wrong way. I did not even realise at first that the object was the Inverness Museum because of its west facing orientation. I was wrong about the wind turbines, just looked into it after reading someones comment here, wind turbines in the North Sea, who'd have thought.
  2. Is there someplace where I can point out certain discrepancies with TE scenery; I am not wishing to complain or anything, just when I see POI objects with the wrong orientation, or a dozen wind turbines placed in the north sea I thought it would be conducive to inform ORBX about it.
  3. I know some people on this forum have bought this, so I thought I would ask a simple question regarding its PSU: The manual is rather confused, as it states 5v and 12v. My original PSU developed a fault years ago so I threw it out. I used a universal PSU instead, after a move, and setting up my equipment again, I have found the same Universal PSU but the connector tip has come off. I was wondering if anyone, who owns the VRInsight Instrument radio stack panel, could tell me what power supply it uses, by this I mean the true voltage, polarity etc as it says 5v on the board but 12v and 5v in the manual. I contacted VRInsight but have not heard back.
  4. I bought Orbx TrueEarth South as soon as I saw it, (Just bought central as well, these are my first Orbx purchases) I was an X-plane 10 user and use X-plane 11 now. I read a quick review of TrueEarth Netherlands and in my haste and excitement, I rushed and bought that to, only to find it is for P3D (written in dark text at the base of the form) it was not helpful stating that if you buy an item by accident then be more careful next time.
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