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  1. Adrian provided me great support when transferring my Orbx licences from FSS to Orbx. Thank you so much again!! I will continue being a FSS customer and buying my other flightsim addons at FSS.
  2. Thanks so much for support of the helicopter-fans and including the helopads!!!!!!! Sqamish looks excellent.......I WANT IT!!!!
  3. All the rest of Alaska, Canada rest of Yukon and NWT.........all these arctic areas would awake to life with polarbears placed there....
  4. Well, a cheap update would be a reasonable option for me..though a free update would be very gentle by FSPilots and really appreciated. Let's wait and see what happens and in which direction the solution will leed. I was always very satisfied with FS Global 2010. It' s a very good product in my opinion.
  5. Same for me! I own the original FS Global 2010 dvd version. This part of Canada would be very important for me, as I exclusively fly in the Alaska regions. But I'd not purchase the whole new product.....
  6. Beautiful shots, Thank you! Russ did an excellent Job again........PAEN will be a must have for me!!
  7. Looks Beautiful!! The dx10 Features in control Panel Sounds very interesting.....
  8. Great Job, Russ!!! Many thanks for the TEMSCO helibase....this will definitly be a new base for my helicopters flying in this area!
  9. Great shots and beautiful work!! PAJN Looks so beautiful. Many thanks for offering a shot of the TEMSCO helibase. Can`t wait landing my helicopters there..
  10. Great Job and impressive shots!!!! Looks so beautiful. Thanks so much, Russ.
  11. Thank you for providing the Service pack. The new goodies like great!!!!!
  12. Wow, Tipella looks amazing....I love that little sqirrell in the first picture of this set......Now, I know which of my virtual helicopters I will fire up exploring Tipella!
  13. Thanks for the quick info, Russ. I´m happy with the TEMSCO base being included. I understand that it`s not the main Piece of the scenery. But it would be great if the building itself is recognizable as TEMSCO and the markings for the helipads on the ground are placed at their correct locations.......PAJN will be a purchase for me for sure!!
  14. Hello, Thanks so much for these first teaser Pictures...they already show the amazing level of detail we can expect with PAJN....Can`t wait seeing more pictures!!!!! At PAJN there`s a TEMSCO helibase....You`d make my wishes come true also including the TEMSCO base in this high Level of Quality. With the beautiful TEMSCO base at Skagway, already included in PAGY Skagway, this would complete TEMSCO`s virtual playground in this area so beautiful. So, please don`t forget the heliguys.........
  15. I´d also love to see Whitehorse.
  16. Thanks so much for the new Pictures!! Looking beautiful!
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