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  1. Hello Nick, yes I am, together with the Africa Landclass product (and Orbx base).
  2. I was flying in Africa recently and noticed that some lakes were apparently lacking the correct perimeter shape. Please see the attached picture as an example. Is this supposed to happen?
  3. I'm seeing big vertical X (light red color) near both runway ends, how can I solve this?
  4. Thank you Nick, Yes, it's installed into the simulator (P3D v4.5 HF2) and I did as you told, BUT when I run the Migration Troubleshooter the same message remains there. A log file is generated on the desktop.
  5. Hello, I've been having consistent CTDs flying in the middle of Europe, which refers to TERRAIN.DLL, and trying to isolate the issue I ended up finding out that LCLOOKUP.BGL seems to be corrupted. I already did the troubleshooting recommended but nothing changes. Please, help. Thank you.
  6. I'm having the same. It was working fine before. I have Vector and it's configured accordingly. I even tried to uninstall and install again the scenery, no luck. I hope there is a fix somewhere.
  7. Hello Orbx support, Also having this difficulty. LDPL is not a scenery that I considered great, so it's been a long time since I haven't flown there. Yesterday I tried an approach and the pavements were all sunk. I then deleted the scenery and reinstalled from scratch (using Orbx tool, installed into simulator directory "old style"). Surprisingly today I made another approach to see that the problem was still there.
  8. I'm getting duplicated jetways. Apparently one is static and the other SODE, but both look identical in terms of physical characteristics. What might be causing this? I have the impression I've fixed this, but then it breaks again, maybe Orbx Central is updating and causing issues?
  9. I'll get one next time if it still exists. I noticed that the Control Panel was not showing for this scenery, the I uninstalled it and installed again. Control Panel started showing normally. Maybe it might have fixed. Gonna see next time. Thanks.
  10. Visibility is quite restricted, and I'm seeing white squares at every runway edge light. The further the light is into the distance, the denser the white square is. Seems to be a light rendering issue. Is it possible to solve?
  11. Agree, but I just guess that Orbx new software could detect that it's already been installed by the other installer and inhibit the installation "again". Just for the sake of consistency.
  12. I suppose using more realistic colours would be the best solution for now.
  13. I have these TFDi products previously installed. They're shown by Orbx as not installed. Is it good to leave this way? Does Orbx plan to "fix" this behaviour?
  14. Actually not solved, unfortunately. Came from NZ and landed at YMML to start seeing bleed issues yet on final approach. I did a Verify Files procedure but I still have to check if it made a difference.
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