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  1. Just a few randoms from the past few days. It rained all weekend here in the Mid-Atlantic, so I got some flying in when the rest of the family naps. All in v4.4 with no PTA. I think it looks great without PTA, I'm not sure if I every really got the hang of using it to best effect (or maybe I just don't have a good eye for those things). Alaska Air enroute from Anchorage to Seattle in the morning: British Airways flight from Gatwick to Dubrovnik: And, my recent revelation - the -600 and -700 series flying short hops across Scandinavia! Great little airliner and we're up and down within two hours! Looking forward to having some time off of work and getting in some more flights!
  2. On this flight I got it up to FL230. That's as high as I've had her. Even at that height, there was only maybe 2,000' between the aircraft and the peaks. It's a lot of fun to fly. I don't use the Sperry autopilot on these flights, but it's an interesting period feature. Love the look and sound, too. I considered stopping at Dubai and waiting for openLC AS, but I have another little one coming in January, so long haul flights (or any flights!) will be out of the picture for at least a year or so. Decided to push on and maybe fly it again with the new openLC when it comes out. Maybe I'll go the other way round? Thanks so much for the comments, gentlemen. It feels good to get some responses when you share! Jack, I'm flying the last leg now and closing in on Canberra. Just about done and the weather's a peach!
  3. Just a short flight from Val-d'Or (CYVO) to Ontonagon County Airport (KOGM) on the southern shore of Lake Superior in the Comanche.
  4. Buffalo Airways C-46 departed Fort Smith for Manning. I love the far north of openLC NA. Great textures. Early fall weather. Nice flight. Light was already short when I flew it on 27 October. I like the plane, but this thing is a bear to land in anything other than a breath of wind.
  5. Last left off here in the Maldives. From here we travel through Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan and western China on this segment. VRMM --> VCBI --> VOMM --> VQPR --> ZUUU Left the beautiful Maldives in mid-morning headed to Sri Lanka. Short hop over the bay and over the island. From Sri Lanka up to Chennai. Global looks pretty good here. Left Chennai early in the morning to get up to Paro in decent light. Landscape below was pleasant, but I had Paro's approach on my mind... Oh, boy... The weather did clear as I got up into the mountains, but no screenshots since I had my hands full! Departed the next morning under a high overcast for Chengdu. I'll be honest here, I didn't really plan this trip well and I was waaaay too heavy to take off from this short strip with this much fuel. The default scenery's topography didn't help either (yes, that was the real issue, right?!) with a 60' hill just past the opposite threshold. Anyway, after some weight reduction and a wise decision to not carry passengers on this leg, we made it off the strip and into the thin Himalayan air. That displaced threshold gives me just enough length! Winding through the canyons to gain altitude. Finally up and out. We ducked down into the Brahmaputra valley and closed in on the eastern Himalayas. At about this point we lost pressurization. Couldn't descend until another couple of hours. Glad we had the oxygen and no paying customers! Got as low as we could, but not much help here. Finally got clear of the mountains and descended to below FL120. From there we followed the mighty Yangtze for a bit. Needed to take a pass over the airport to continue descent. Finally down. Took the crew out for some hot pot and some strong spirits after this leg. Two more segments to go. Next we swing through the Far East and then through Indonesia and the final stretch into Australia.
  6. Those last two are incredible! The SS United States was the fastest ocean liner in her day, and I believe still holds the trans-Atlantic record. I see her rusting away when I drive in to Philadelphia every now and then. She still cuts a fine profile even just tied up to the pier and falling to pieces.
  7. Really like those last two liveries on the P-51. Looks like the F1 liveries from several years ago. What doesn’t look good in the black and gold John Player Special colors?!
  8. You might be right, Capt. I kept thinking I flew through Rome on this trip, but maybe it was Pisa (I looked at the map like four times and thought - that's not Rome). I did Moscow - Rome on another one off flight and maybe I mixed up the two! Regarding Syria, in my sim there are no wars, just the routines of simulated life. Only had one issue so far, and that was with the pressurization system just after crossing the Himalayas(!). Hopefully my luck holds out! Thanks, Jack and Rob!
  9. So a big chunk of the journey in this post (previous post here). Just some random favorites I have and a bit of narrative. The routes: LOWI --> LIRF - LIRF --> LGAV - LGAV --> OMDB - OMDB --> VABB - VABB --> VRMM - VABB --> VCBI Leaving LOWI Climbing over the Alps Initial Descent over Tuscany The eternal city Beautiful Greece Outbound for Dubai Finally sighting land after a loooong flight over the eastern Medd. Departed Dubai and headed toward Chhatrapati Shivaji International on the west coast of India. Not much remarkable about this area in P3D even with Global. Needs the Orbx openLC treatment! Off to the Maldives, which has a very cool approach. And finally SriLanka Next up for the posts is a bit more of India, Paro(!!) and China. I'm currently in Singapore about to head to Bali, then (finally!) the last few legs in Australia with stops in Darwin, Alice Springs and Canberra. Only 3,600 nm to go!!
  10. My dad had artillery school at Fort Sill for a couple of months and was amazed at how quick the weather went from blazing hot to cold. I’d love to drive out west and see those open to the horizon vistas. Can’t get that here in the east.
  11. Cool tour! Bartlesville? That looks like the Frank Lloyd Wright designed tower.
  12. Oh, and pardon the grammar error in the first post (should be *due).
  13. Thanks for the comments, fellas. Jack, I can understand that feeling. I have only had one other CTD with v4 so far, and I've put in some hours over the year or so. I don't think that's too bad, but it still really stinks went it does happen. I had more problems getting my new graphics card sorted. Those random restarts about made me throw it through the window! I don't have much time between work, keeping up a house, family time and sleep, so I want to enjoy the sim time I can get. That said, I can say with this flight I really sat back and soaked in all the features we have now. I loaded it up at just before sunrise so I had the dynamic lighting at the gate before power up. Then the shadows and overcast and the great ground textures and terminal modeling of ESSA. Then climbed out to see OpenLC-EU and all the lakes and trees with the haze effect of a shader mod. Climb out and working the SID using a chart tool and getting ATC direction (and some background chatter) the whole way. Exited the SID and popped on autopilot so I could get the external views. A break in the clouds gets a peek at the ground below. It's like a full orchestra. It's just great!!!
  14. Tried a quick flight from ESSA to EDDF, but ended just before Denmark with a CTD do to a terrain.dll error. Nice flight until then, and first CTD in a long time. Ah well, nice to fly the 737 again after so many hours in the Connie!
  15. It's actually pretty gentle and fairly easy to manage, if a bit slow on the response. I don't use the period correct Sperry autopilot, just the default, but I want to enjoy my time flying! Still great fun hand flying departures and approaches. Thanks for all the kind words, fellas. I was at the AMC museum at Dover AFB this past weekend and got to see a close cousin of the one I've been flying around the virtual globe. It's a little sad to see this one - she's pretty beat up and a shadow of her former life. Cool to get close to one, though, and the profile is unmistakable.
  16. Outstanding! I'd say you've reached near perfection. I love #2 and 3.
  17. I'm way behind on these posts (currently in Chengdu!), so forgive me for shoving so much into one post. We last left off in England at Heathrow arriving from Spain. It's now off to the Continent with stops in Paris at de Gaulle, Frankfurt and the crowd pleasing Innsbruck at LOWI. Let's start with the route overviews: Already airborne in the early morning of an English summer's day. Climbing out for the short hop over the Channel: Parked up in LFPG to disembark: When the journey continues the weather's not so great, and we hit some weather getting into Frankfurt Cleared up for a bit, then socked in for the approach and landing (non-ORBX scenery - sorry no shareable shots). After a nice evening out on the town (maybe too much time in the Bahnhofsviertel), we headed out the next morning to beautiful Innsbruck. It was still cloudy and a bit rainy at departure and for most of the way down to LOWI, but there were a few breaks in the weather. I made a complete hash of the approach, so much so I forgot to take some shots! The landing was fine, but that approach probably had some people saying a few prayers! Taxiing in to the stand Parked up and letting those poor souls off to kiss the ground! Hans is taking her all in... Next up is Rome, Greece (my favorite) and a looong flight to Dubai. Till then. Thanks for taking a look.
  18. Great stuff! Japan looks great with Global and Vector. I've only flown a few times in Japan, but it's looked great. And how the heck did you get to FL370 and back down in under an hour?!
  19. Lighthouse hunting is a great idea. I was considering doing the same thing after seeing a few here and there. I'd love to do it in real life, but it's a lot easier in the sim! What'd be really cool is to see these guys in the sim (I've looked and no dice). They're triangulation towers from WWII era for shore batteries in coastal Delaware and New Jersey. Only one left in NJ, but still several in Delaware.
  20. Looks great in Lufthansa colors! Great plane to fly! Sad news on the cancelation, though. I'd imagine the guy that greenlighted that project without the CEO knowing is probably got a lot of explaining to do!
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