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  1. I have also noticed that some banking for waterways is missing travelling south from Barton, leaving some water looking very angular.
  2. Just finished the full (60gb) download, did a little training and wow! Ground scenery and default Cessna look great. I'm already hooked and tomorrow will start looking for add-ons.
  3. Good stuff fellas and thanks for the responses. I'm downloading from Laminar presently with all available scenery (60gb).
  4. I'm going to purchase X-Plane 11 on the strength of the Barton Airport video but for those more experienced with X-Plane, which is the best source to buy from? Thanks, Roger.
  5. Just seen the Barton video and Wow! as a Mancunian living on the south side of the city, I can say that it is stunning. I was a passanger in a Puss Moth with Geoff Mollison (related to Amy Johnson's husband), from Barton a few years ago and I would love to reacreate that flight. So maybe X-plane is in my stars. Well done ORBX.
  6. Ahhh thanks Nick nice to see some clarity through the mist of time.
  7. Big fail for me! Entered the licence ids and my e-mail is the same as iBY, where I bought them from and the big red banner something like "No products to transfer.
  8. Thanks for your replies Matteo. I will try again with 4096, but any aircraft using 4096 textures will start to eat up vas.
  9. Well Stewart, if you check my hidden content you'll see the rig isn't too shabby. I will buy a new rig for P3Dv4 eventually, but for now FsXA Dx10 plays well with my settings. I have visited many ORBX airports using texture max load 1024 without any low res runways so far! However thank you for your interest in my pc.
  10. Hi Matteo, In order to reduce freezes and ooms (after a great deal of experimentation), I have had to keep TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024. As you probably know, texture max load, if set high can be one of the major contributors to vas usage so unfortunately that is not an option for me.
  11. Hi , since the update I have a very low resolution runway texture. I have run vector but the situation remains the same.
  12. Thanks Doug, FTX Central seems to do it's job very well, but I'm just not sure if the ORBX Libraries should be at the top of all the ORBX entries?
  13. I'm trying to find the insertion point for the scenery libraries. The Chester update has given me a start point on the active runway as a taxiway. Also the runway looks like low res photoreal so I did a quick check in FTX Central v3 and Libraries are at the top of FTX entries. Is this correct? Regarding the start point, I may need to post in support.
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