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  1. Nick I appreciate your response, and thank you for the link re refund. I just hoped that there was a fix from Orbx. I see from Ed Correia that a fix is on the way. Think I am satisfied that all will be well eventually.
  2. I am not talking about turning off PP3d crash features or disabling features of the scenery. I am looking for a fix that will allow me to use the scenery with all PP3d features that I like and with all the scenery features that I like. I would just like to use the scenery like all the other scenery that I own.
  3. Is there a fix for this problem? Just bought this scenery but I cannot spawn or land at this airport. Looking at the forum it appears this has been a problem for months now but I do not see any official response from Orbx. If there is no fix, can anyone advise how to get a refund? Transaction ID: 5a40ab40eccde Product: KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport Amount paid: $18.12 AUD Purchased at: 2017-12-25 07:49:56 Quantity purchased: 1
  4. What should my affinity mask setting be if my processor has 6 cores with HT on? Thanks.
  5. I hope I am asking this in the appropriate forum. I am now making the move to PP3D2.3. Does FTX Global work with this Ver. of PP3D? Thanks.
  6. I am moving to Prepar3d.2.3. I own quite a few FTX scenery for FSX. I wish to buy and install all the FTX global products. I understand that it is best to wait till there are triple installers before attempting to install the FTX scenery. I take this to mean airports and regions. I am curious to know though if a triple installer is now available for the Global products. I cant tell as I have not yet bought any Global products. Advice would be appreciated.
  7. Hi Holger, I am willing to try the third party file, but a curious to know what I will have to give up from PNW. IE. do I lose AI traffic? do I lose any scenery or are any runways restricted? Thanks, Robin.
  8. Has there been a resolution to this problem. Just completed a system re-build using Windows 7 64bit. Error only shows up when ending a flight in the PNW areas. Never got this error before re-build. Previous system was VISTA 64bit. Thanks, Robin.
  9. I tried the PNW demo and fell in love. I at this moment downloading the full package plus the two airports. I am curious to know if I have to uninstall the demo before running the full product installation; or can I just install over the demo? Thanks in advance, Robin.
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