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  1. Works for me Nick. Thanks . I fixed the other problem by reinstalling the Prepar3D Client. Call this one fixed and closed. Thanks
  2. When I run the Migration troubleshooter I get this message. I looked up where it is supposed to be and it's there. I have no problems with the Sim or the scenery. I looked up the fixes and tried them all with the same result. Is this the troubleshooter giving me a bad message. I also get this message, No installed simulator was found on your system. FTX vector configuration will now exit. I also get the same message with FTX Base but it is for light configuration. Help. John
  3. I don't know what happened but everything looks better than before. Thanks guys. Maybe it's the extra 16g of mem I put in.
  4. Thanks Doug, you've helpfull as always. you can close this subject. John
  5. good question. It would save alot of time to reinstall it. But I have the Portland cityscape in too. what do I do just uncheck it in the scenery library befor reinstalling TE OR.
  6. Here are 3 shots about the same place. Notice the wind sock and the nice grass. this is without TE OR. Bend is in the CRM regon. I did try to turn the airport off in the CRM and it did the same thing. Than I turnthe BGL for S07 off in the TE file and it did the same thing. I know the TE scenery is warping the Airport BGL some how. But I don't have the smarts to get to work. So I uninstalled all the TE I got for the west coast because I fly into alot of the little Airports and if they are deformed because of TE I don't want to be dissapointed. I know that as far as PNW it covers west of the cascades and east of the Cascades is CRM or for WA NRM. I bet they all blend well with the Orbx airports I know you guys look at that. It's just the other ones you don't look at and I know that's a lot of air fields.
  7. here are 3 shots. I dont have any from top down. Also all the nice grass and airport scecery is gone, just dark stuff.
  8. you guys are no help. I just uninstalled all my TE regons. I beleave there good for high flyers but me they don't work.
  9. It all did the same thing. It looks like the airport has been deformed by the new scenery. As it seems no one will give me any help here I have uninstall TE Oregon and want a refund. I also unistalled TE Washington as I see no difference in any thing for me and want a refund on that also. I will do some flying in TE N and S Calif. and if it the same as OR and WA I will let you know.
  10. I'm still getting TE Oregon reloaded to check it out again. I'll let you know what I see that's not right when I'm done. To include screenshots.
  11. Do you have to uninstall the NA versions before you can install the TE versions. In the Oregon region I use KBDN (S07) as my home base. In the TE version it looks nothing like it. It has windsocks in the taxi ways and the buildings around it are all wrong. You guys need to remember that east of the Cascades is NA Central Rockies and I believe that there is a conflict in there somewhere. I think that's what is going on in all of the west TE regions. I am going to reinstall TE Oregon and then go in the CRM scenery folder and turn S07 off and see what happens. I bet it will fix the screwed up scenery at KSLE also if I shut that off in the PNW scenery folder and see if that clears up. I think the TE installers need to know a little more of what's already in the system before writing over things.
  12. OK, Nick I understand that. But in some of the configs it has the box unchecked but says it is default=enabled or disabled. In Aus v2 everything is checked. that would tell me that it is doing the opposite of what the default says. The ones that don't say one way or the other like you show are no brainers.
  13. OK. Somebody that does the writing of the software needs to give a good answer. Because I have also seen some that say default=disabled, but it would already have a check in it. That would mean it was enabled. Correct? I would like some clarification here on this. John
  14. But if it says default=enabled, then checking the box would disable it. That is my thinking. Am I right or wrong? Someone has to have the right answer.
  15. With all the new updates pouring in I'm getting confused over the configuration in the scenery. If it says default=enabled then it is on, correct. So if I check on that then it would disable it. I just don't what to get into the sim thinking I have something on when in fact I disabled it because of a brain dead move. John
  16. Don't have the extra 60 bucks and I really like the REX weather radar, they're not going to put it out for v5. V4.5 with the hotfix 3 is doing just fine for me. I can keep all the settings almost all the way to the left set at 2048 and still get a good 40 FPS with no problems.
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