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  1. Hi john, you guys already have an idea what will be the features for that product? I mean, wil itl have custom reogional autogen for some regions of the world? Some landmarks around the world(as x-plane is just beggining to have some of them now)? Thanks,
  2. All the global dlc areas are just the default mesh terrain. This way you don't need to download everything if you don't have the intention to fly everywhere in the world. E.G: If you just fly on Europe, you just have to download Europe. The rest of the world will be just water tiles. I have the steam version and I have no complains about the platform.
  3. Hey john, will the X-plane versions of those regions include those cityscapes also? I'm asking because all cityscapes released until now are exclusive for FSX/P3D.
  4. Hi john, if everything goes well with Orbx Global for X-Plane, can I have hopes to see the OpenLCs coming to the platform aswell? Other question I have is about the cityscapes, are they hard to port to X-Plane? Thanks and I really liked the roadmap.
  5. Yeah, I think you are probably right. Thank you.
  6. Is the stream still up for today?
  7. The way things are developing on X-plane 11, the better bet is to rely on the weather add-ons to do that. Apparently XEnviro is developing a technology to bring seasons to X-Plane and they already showed some pictures of it. The snow is based on the shaders, not on textures. Apparently it looks good and it will work on photoreal sceneries too. P.S.: This tech will simulate the snow formation based on the weather + altitude.
  8. Hey John, any chance/plans to see that tech coming to different regions as South America, Asia and Africa? I mean, not the ortophotos and all, but the regionalised autogen, landmarks etc. Those regions on X-Plane need some attention. Thanks and congrats on TE GB south.
  9. Any chance to see some regional autogen packages? It´s sad to only have German and US autogen for the whole world. The autogen that´s coming with TrueEarth UK seems to be really good. Would be great to see some custom autogen for South America, Asia and Africa. I know it would be a huge project, like the textures, but would really improve the platform (like Orbx did with the OpenLCs).
  10. Hey john, I know and looks awesome. My question is, can we expect any kind of package of custom region autogen and textures (like an OPENLC for X-plane), or the engine doesn't allow that yet? Some regions need some Orbx love for sure (Asia, Africa and South America).
  11. Hey john, do you have any plans to develop any product with custom regional autogen for X-Plane? Regional textures + region autogen would be great, like an OpenLC for XP. It's a bit underwhelming flying over South America or Asia and seeing U.S. Autogen. P.S.: Just look How a custom autogen can bring to the immersion when you have UK buildings instead of the german ones.
  12. It has Orbx Global as stock scenery and the TrueSky has a really nice lighting. I think when this new lighting is fully implemented to the ground and the ground scenery gets PBR treatment, you will see quite a difference. The SDK was released today, probably we will hear some news about it in the next months.
  13. Hope this version of the SDK will be enough to implement orbx' sceneries on the platform. I'm waiting for a while for this.
  14. I know, I meant the other sceneries. Full fat regions and airports would be great.
  15. It's looking really amazing. Looking forward to the day orbx will offer sceneries to this sim, even the sky looking awesome, it's a shame the terrain looks so bad.
  16. Well, I think it´s just the first implementation and they need to implement the other features they have in mind to make the sky match with the terrain. As Steven Hood said they have plans to change the whole sim enviroment. Great times to be a simmer indeed. Nice shots!
  17. Wow, looking really great.
  18. Best clouds I´ve seen in a Flightsim. The aircraft is amazingly detailed, sky too, but that terrain needs a lot of improvement.
  19. Seems really nice, keep the pictures coming until release. Thank you very much!
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