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  1. Now that is as close to realism as it gets..was the photo retouched in Photoshop in any way? amazed!
  2. Great support! ONe week and nobody even bother helping. I now understand I wasted my money purchasing an Orbx product. Good thing there are other places to get great scenery with better support..
  3. I am trying to reload NA Blue USA in my new computer but when it starts extracting i get an error: ox80004005 SETUP_PNW 3. If I continue it finishes extractomg but while installing it asks me for disc #3. Order Number: FSS0053315 Order Date: 2010-03-01
  4. Sandmann, Thank you so much, I did what you suggested and it worked great
  5. Everything was working fine until I installed Acceleration X..then lost all FTX textures Any suggestions is there a patch i am mising or..?
  6. Thank you for your replies everyone...I uninsulated and re-installed FSX and FTX and now is working fine..I think the problem was with FSX.
  7. No I flew around the region with no problems...it was great. Then I shut FSX down and when I restarted it again no FTX textures at all in the same region i was before.
  8. I installed it this morning and flew around a bit then came back after an hour and all textures are gone. Anyone else had or has this problem?
  9. John Everything is working fine I recieved the email from Adrien and got to fly around in some of the greatest scenery I have flown in (besides on a real aircraft)...I think you should adopt the FSX moto "as close as it gets" simply amazing! Thanks again for you immediate response...it shows your commitment to your customers besides producing a superior product
  10. John thanks for replying so quick..I tried what you suggested but no difference. Its gives me an error 30. I already open a ticket with Flight sim store but have not heard anyting yet and its been a couple of hours but I should have realised from the amount of eager simers and your fine product they would be swamped. I will wait and check back again.
  11. I downloaded FTX AU Blue from flightsimstore. After following the set up guide and added the order date and registration key I get an error wrong registration key..I checked it again again I copy and pasted the registration number and still the same....to top my frustration even further I have not received 1 email from the flightsimstore acknowledging my purchase (although they send one e mail welcoming me after registering) or giving me advise of what is the problem after I send them an email explaining the problem. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is or does anyone else have a similary experience? Does the flightsimstore back their sales in a timely fashion or did I make a mistake using them.
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