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  1. Have tried deleting shader files with no success on color. Megascenery comes out perfect when it comes to color, seems to be only Orbx that has it's white balance and saturation off.
  2. Absolutely gorgeous visuals flying around the PNW. Really brings the sim to life with accurate terrain!
  3. Have spotted a strange blue tint only on the west end of the gorge. Warrendale and eastward up to TE Washignton boundary is and looking fabulous
  4. I am using PTA but I found it odd that Yosemite, Washington and redwood forests have good white balance while the rest of the state is just a very dark orange
  5. Gorgeous scenery package as usual, but a slight oopsie. I've noticed that the white balance of TE Norcal is very, very very warm. Everything seems to be a very saturated shade of orange. Comparing this to TE Washington and Yosemite valley. Northwest CA seems to be ok though, once you get into the redwoods.
  6. Can't stop looking down around WA. Excited for Oregon and Norcal!
  7. Not entirely sure if this is a known thing or not, Is this normal flying around 70 degree north? Little snowy in barrow but only shows up in a small radius even though i've got my loading radius way up
  8. Flown around south for a da y then went way up north. Can't believe i didn't fly much in Alaska till now!
  9. Couldn't get enough of TE WA. Exited for Oregon!
  10. Gotta praise Orbx every now and then, Cannot wait for TE Oregon! TE Washington is a magnificent piece of work!
  11. Could be shadows from the sat data and P3D shaders mixed into the sim making it overly blue
  12. What are your specs and scenery settings at? Might have to turn up your scenery complexity
  13. Disable terrain reflections. I've noticed this as well and may be a P3D related bug and not Orbx. Could also be found in KPDX with flightbeams scenery
  14. Ah glad i'm not the only one. Spent a ton of time moving files around, got it working for a little bit but came right back next time i loaded the sim. What ended up kinda working was disabling PNW then re-enabling. But came right back not long after.
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