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  1. Thanks guys the two Ramp shots are with pajn airport installed, the landing and takeoff picks are sa without pajn installed, I just picked up trees HD today
  2. Thanks all, took two go-rounds to clear that Buck safely
  3. I made the same mistake, Friday Harbor SE says its ORBX, Steams DLC's do not use the same folder setup as FSX Boxed, sooner or later some one will most likely make a conversion tool its not like you didn't did pay for it. Probably wouldn't be that hard to figure out how to manually move files around and edit the .exe and .cfg's but that would be a bit of work and a mistake could be bad, so sucks to be us
  4. Wow I think I need P3d also
  5. I just bought My first Global Airport ( Palm Springs International ) here is a quick tour of the area from my Carenado V35B
  6. Very Nice, except now I have to go buy two new Planes
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