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  1. Since installing Orbx mesh for New Zealand in MSFS I have encountered these jagged landmarks in the west of Auckland. They disappear when you fly away from them. Is there a fix for this?
  2. Perhaps a check flight for one of the pilots?
  3. Somewhat ironically this non-precision approach to RW23 in Queenstown NZ requires very precise flying skills! Not for the faint hearted. A great watch.
  4. Anything to improve NZ scenery is most welcome so thank you Orbx, but I have to say I'm rather underwhelmed by this. For me the benchmark is Lyndiman's ortho scenery of NZ for XP11. It's absolutely stunning and the reason why I haven't completely embraced MSFS.
  5. I have just bought Axonos's wonderful scenery of YPPH for XP11 and have to say it is extremely well done. Perth has long been neglected in the flightsim world and it's great to have something of this quality. What puzzles me though is why there appear to have been no preview or release announcements about it, or maybe I've missed something? I came across it purely by chance on Orbx Central and immediately grabbed it. Can someone enlighten me as to why it appears to have slipped under the radar?
  6. I have been trying to install TE Florida, TE Oregon and TE Washington into XP11 through FTX Central. TE Florida installed faultlessly into my XP11 folder but every time I try to install the others I get a message saying that I don't have enough free disk space to complete the installation. This is nonsense as I have 875GB free space on the 2TB external SSD that I use for XP11. Together, both sceneries require 130GB free disk space so there's more than ample for their installation. Some advice would be much appreciated!
  7. Much as I am enjoying MSFS it's hard to beat XP11.50 and Orbx True Earth. These shots of the fantastic Aerobask Lancair Legacy RG were taken over the Mojave Desert in TE California. They are a winning combination on so many levels and I'm really looking forward to TE Canary Islands. I only wish Orbx would do TE New Zealand given the diversity of the landscape. What about it Orbx?!
  8. If you want a reasonably authentic experience flying around NZ in XP11 then get these: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54147-all-of-new-zealand/ https://lyndiman.com/lyndimans-new-zealand-ortho-photography-set/ https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41357-lancair-legacy-fg/
  9. Absolutely stunning Filou. Probably the best set of screenshots I've ever seen!
  10. Wouldn't it be great if MSFS could replicate lenticular clouds like these! They were taken by an Air NZ pilot while flying from Christchurch to Invercargill recently at an altitude of 18,000ft. The stunning clouds formed just south of Dunedin as a result of a very strong westerly airstream.
  11. A quick question for Tony Wrob - will NZ be getting any Orbx love in MSFS apart from Queenstown? Some of the best (if not the best) VFR flying in the world yet its airports and landmarks neglected by so many developers over the years.
  12. Stunning repaint Ryan. I'm off to get it now. Haven't stopped flying the Aerobask Legacy since it was released. One of the best flightsim aircraft of all time imho.
  13. Interesting exercise Adam. I took the plunge recently and deleted P3D4.5 as I found myself using it less and less in preference to XP11. It was a big call as I had a considerable investment in it but there's so much about XP11that makes it much more immersive imho, especially the NZ ortho which is absolutely stunning.
  14. Thanks Calum. Thanks John. Thanks John B. I'll leave that to Jack himself! Couldn't leave him in the dark! Thanks Iain. Thanks adambar. Sorry to hear about your XP11 frustrations Jack. You would just love the Lancair!
  15. This little yellow beauty has got Jack's name written all over it. And here it is parked up at one of his old UK haunts - EGTB - ready to take him flying. If this isn't enough to make him jump the fence to XP11 I don't know what will. Come on over Jack - you don't know what you're missing! This pocket rocket is such a blast to fly.
  16. Great shots OND! The Thranda Porter is a must have addon imho. One of the most immersive aircraft I have come across and a joy to fly around the Orbx back country.
  17. Good on you Arkanoid. I've been mulling over switching to XP11 for the last year but what tipped the scales was TE Socal. There's no going back to P3D for me. Compared to XP11 it seems very dated on so many levels. And yes, the flying physics are better.
  18. Thanks Jon and yes it's NorCal. Must have been a senior moment!
  19. Came across this near the Golden Gate bridge. Is there a fix?
  20. Thanks VH-KDK. I'm in the same boat regarding P3D but I've decided to bite the bullet. IMHO XP11 and Orbx TE are in a class of their own and there's no going back! Thanks mikee - much appreciated. Thank you Iain - always nice to get praise from the master. Thanks Eberhard. You're absolutely right about the beauty of the desert - it's stunning. Thanks mate. Thanks BradB but they're not V5 but XP11. You're absolutely right Jack about Orbx scenery. Be brave and embrace XP11. You'll never look back!
  21. Congratulations to the team for TE Socal. It's absolutely stunning in XP11. These shots were taken on a flight from Bakersfield to Death Valley. After months of wavering about persisting with P3D4 I have decided the future lies with XP11 and Orbx TE sceneries, not to mention some of the marvellous freeware ortho scenery that's available elsewhere. So goodbye P3D - its nice been knowing you.
  22. For a taste of what it takes to fly a DHC 2 Beaver topdressing (crop dusting) aircraft in NZ take a look at this video. Pilot Andrew Hogarth of Farmers Air makes it look so easy as he takes off on a downhill back country strip near Gisborne to spread fertiliser on a high country farm. There's little or no margin for error in this sort of operation. The 1952 Beaver (ZK BVA) was acquired last year and this video was shot during operations at Tangihanga station last month.
  23. No, I'm not using Vulkan although there is a beta available. I agree that without Orbx TE XP11 scenery is fairly bland but not nearly as bad as vanilla P3D. However with ortho (and there's plenty of it freely available) XP11 is fantastic - the lighting and flight dynamics are excellent, especially with addons such as XVision, UltraWeather XP and ASXP. Not surprisingly I fly a lot in NZ which has some fantastic freeware ortho that I think will be the equal of anything in the upcoming MSFS. Yes, there are fewer aircraft to fly but there's still a good selection of machines that are the equal of the best available in P3D. IMHO the way forward is XP11 and MSFS.
  24. Take the plunge and jump across to XP11 Adam. I have and it's so much better!
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