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  1. HI! In D:\ P3D V4.5 \Orbx \SODE_Data \XML \ I have 3 XML files: ORBX_ESSA_SODE, ORBX_LEAS and ORBX_LEBB. The only difference for ESSA is that it has SODE as part of the file name. I attach a snapshot of the ESSA XML file
  2. Thanks Marcus. I did what you suggested. Uninstall and reinstall SODE, GSX2 and FSDT. Should I launch P3D V4.5 and select ESSA as the initial airport, then Jetways don’t show up. Then, if I select in AddOns/ Sode 1.7.1/ Reload All!!, the Jetways appear but are not workable with Sode. In AddOns/ GSX/ Customize Airport positions none of the gates are labelled as JS. Then, if I load Orbx LEBB or LEAS, the Jetways in these airports are shown and can be dynamically operated. Immediately I reload ESSA and the Jetways are shown and works perfectly. I would prefer not to follow this complex process to get jetways at ESSA working properly. What could be the problem? Thanks
  3. Jetways at ESSA do not operate. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ESSA several times and have GSX 2 updated to version 1.7.1. Initially the Jetways are not visible, then selecting in P3D/ AddOns/ Sode/ Reload All!!, the Jetways appears but do not work. In GSX- Customize airport positions, there are no jetways either J or S.
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