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  1. Yep agree Asobo. I spent hours of my time yesterday trying to diagnose what the hell I had done to upset the sim. Not happy with them atm !! :-(
  2. I manged to load LOWI take off and it CTD, this was after turning BING data off :-(
  3. I think we are all having the same issue, started about 5 hours ago. I've not yet tried Bing data off, but removed all my addons from the community folder and just left MB339 as a test, all worked. the moment I add a scenery package in. CTD on loading a flight. await the fix is the only option i guess, thought it was something i did ! glad its not. Thanks everyone
  4. would someone be able to tell me if Orbx libs is above the orbx ortho's lines in the scenery ini file please thanks
  5. Hi please could someone assist me, I have had a number of issues with XP11 and had to do a little hard revamping of the Custom Scenery folder and libraries addons Does Orbx installation of EGNX or any of the other Orbx airport install anything into the Custom Scenery folder other than those prefixed with Orbx_ (such as world models library) just wondering as I'm not seeing much movement of service vehicles with my EGNX installation, wondered if I've deleted something i should not have thanks Craig
  6. sorry nick, i see it now. what a muppet am i, need to install it. apologies
  7. thanks John im well versed with Orbx central when i try to manually download from the the website, the file is a .C4 not a zip. normally i download manually and keep the zip file and show OC the file to install. as the file is a .C4 OC will not recognise it as its looking for a .zip file could you possibly assist ? thanks Craig
  8. can someone please help. im trying to download manually the zip for TE northen england UK. the only option i get when saving this file is a C4 and not a zip. after downloading anyway, ftx central does not recognise it. thanks craig Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  9. Hi Please could someone offer a solution to the below. this has happened following installation of TE UK South the airfield is Compton Abbas. I also have FTX global and Great Britain installed. I have run the unified lookup/force migration tool hoping that would sort it but not. i dont use the compton abbas addon, this is default scenery. thanks in advanced craig
  10. Please could the developers just add the massive wind turbine system that have been resident at EGNX for a number of year into true earth , I was hoping with the recent update they would appear, but not, Always had them when using various plug ins, but had to disable most uk land plugs in for true earth to function. Turbines are a great source of navigation as then can be seen from miles away. In hope thank you Craig
  11. HI Could anyone assist in answering the following. what longitudinal axis does this scenery cover upto ? does it mirror the UK CAA VFR maps ? Southern England and wales covers extends from approx 49.5 - 53.5 degrees North thanks Craig
  12. Brilliant thanks Nick. does this need to be re-enabled when not flying into egcc ? regards craig
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