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  1. ...hello Doug Sorry didn't login for quite sometime. I have SE on a separate SSD drive. WIN10-Pro on C:/ drive Anyway we all good for now Reg. Yair
  2. Hello I'm trying to download and install, but after extracting all I get is a bunch of another zip files, the other option is "Open inFTX Central" , I click and nothing is happening Any thoughts ?? BTW Can I use this in order to tweak the Halo lights in SoCal region at all ?
  3. not sure if this the proper place to post, but I'm running FSX-SE with the SoCal region package and the halo lights are way to big and not realistic at all is there away to configure them ? Tnx Yair
  4. Hello, Just accomplished a fresh OS A& FSX-SE installation. ORBX SoCal is my only Scenery addon. Installation of the Scenery went smooth, however, when checking the Scenery Library I find no trace of ORBX, should I launching ORBX & the Sim, it seems like the default FSX Scenery has been loaded not FTX Any idea ?? Thanks in advance Yair
  5. ..okay, finally made it work, all seems well so far, I'm trying to figure out how the remove the static vehicle in the airport, assuming that it will improve performance, the other thing is the ORBX light package I have, do I need those at all ?? Any thoughts Reg. Yair
  6. ... I just clicked on the download options .. have no idea what is download manager ..... however, 7zip tel me that I have a Data error (-:
  7. & yes, unfortunately, I got int trouble, but have no idea were to post it. I got the SoCal package , downloaded it already 3 times from 3 different location, and got the installer running and pops up with a message telling me that it run into compression issue. I tried RAR and 7zip and the default win7 extraction utility.... nada, nothing no good can't finish the installation ( I wish I would have ordered the CD, so much less head ache) Any idea Tnx Yair BTW I have the ORBX FTX GL lights configuration, do it at all ??
  8. ..great, tnx Nick for your prompt response and advice Reg. Yair
  9. Okay so I uninstalled FSX and got the SE edition, and would like to add some regions like SoCal & NorCal. I'm a GA guy that fly low and slow mainly in SoCal with live ATC Now. I checked the Registry for FSX leftover found Under MS Games a folder and sub-folder by the name of Flight Simulator/ 10.0, should I delete those or leave them ? From what i understand, regions are a packages that contain all I needs so no worries about mesh Vectors Airports Packages LC etc, is it so ?? Anything I should be aware of prior to plunge in ????? Thanks in advance Yair
  10. .On the Scenery Library I do not see and 'Footprint" of FSGenesis, all I can see over there is the Default Terrain and Default Scenery and ORRX stuff of course. I asked FSGenises and they telling me though they can't guarantee but, I should have an issue with their Mesh ...... seems like a deadlock, no ????? I can't purchase SoCal before I resolve this issue, this is for sure Reg. Yair
  11. I disabled the Airport, and it did not make any changes, I'm running Vector and Global only. Now. those anomalies of the elevations are all over, mean when flying From Friday Harbor South East I can see those things Randomly along the banks of Lakes for example Reg. Yair
  12. ..tnx ..I have no other scenery than ORBX and as mentioned I use FSGenesi, so you think it the Mesh is the source source of the problem, if it so I'll replace the mesh, but I need to make sure? Reg. Yair
  13. ..not so .. I applied and when checked status on conflicts, I see this "The above navaids, contained in some additional BGL Files have a higher priority Consequentially, the will not be corrected by the Project, If possibly you may consider removing them as far as they are redundant and sometimes incorrect" Not sure what does it means, but it doesn't look good
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