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  1. I can't say I understand this... I love Orbx and all your products, but why do you choose to release such an airport, already done by another great developer? Instead of buying a new airport for a place I don't have that has not been done (or at least not done in quality) I now either don't buy it or have the same location twice... Sorry, but I just don't get it...
  2. What would lockdown have to do with being able to code and work remote?
  3. Hi Nick, thanks for replying! I don’t think that option existed in v3 did it? At least I don't remember ever seeing it so unless it came with one of the later updates to it, I never had it and all my products are inside. I did find the thread by Elaine on this and I am following the steps to reinstall global base and hd trees, as well as the libraries, etc. Would you recommend switching to the outside of the sim way? For now all I have installed is the simulator itself and all my Orbx products, so it would only be a small hassle, not too much. What about switch to Orbx Central? Is it as straightforward as downloading and installing or is it more involved/more steps to switch from FTX v3? Thanks.
  4. Hi Folks, I had until now version 4.4 of P3D, and just updated to the latest 4.5 using the components method installer (installed all 3). The questions I have are: - To make sure anything that may be gone is restored, what would I need to do? Launch FTX central and click on what to check and make sure everything is OK and/or re-installed as needed? - I am still on v3 of FTX central. Should I do the above on this version and then later upgrade to v4 (and if so how?) or is there a better way ? Thank you for your help.
  5. XP does not even use this LC type of scenery, so that would be impossible...
  6. Hi all, almost a year later and with some products updated, what do you find yourself using these days? Any good tutorials for "mixing things up"..?
  7. Yeah quite a mix! I have all products already,except Skyforce which I will get next week guess just to take advantage of the extra 10% pc aviator gives.
  8. Hi folks, trying to seek knowledge from the more experienced regarding weather and texture products..... Up to now I thought I was ok and understanding as I had REX Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds for clouds, skies, airport stuff, etc. and Active Sky for P3D v4 as the weather engine. With all the extra products, I'm hard pressed to choose a good combination, and maybe not 100% clear on what each brings to the table. Per my understanding, please correct me if it's wrong: - REX 4 TD w/soft clouds: Clouds (high and low level), sky textures, water textures, runways, signage, etc. plus some sounds - REX Skyforce 3D: has a weather engine, and also provides clouds (los level and high level?) but dynamically changes them (from a specific "set" you chose) according to weather conditions. and that's it? - ASP4: weather engine (live, historic, etc) - ASCA: Cloud textures which it injects dynamically working with ASP4? just clouds? High and low? Anything else? - Envtex: sky textures and runways, signage, etc? From what I read around some folks like the combination of Skyforce 3D w/weather engine off + ASP4 + Asca + Envtex Does that sound about right? Does all the above make REX 4 TD unneeded? What would you leave on and turn off with a combo like that?? Thanks for the help!
  9. That will not be possible. For the reasons Nick explained abov,e the sim expects the files to be in a certain place, so you can either manually move everything adding a symbolic link as explained. Being all of these type of addons go under the same folder/place, you cannot just move an addon by itself even using links. Additionally it seems to me (just my opinion) that this is highly imrpactical and not really sure how many people complicate themselves un this manner for nothing, instead of just installing on a separate drive or a drive big enough to hold all they want/need.
  10. Nick, if one would fly within a region only, would it be recommended to just disable vector for that session? (Regions should contain everything, right?)
  11. There is no conflict. Search for the pinned post that explains how scenery works in the simulator and you’ll understand.
  12. I think you need to reword that or you'll have a dozen people telling you that ORBX does not "supprt" these products made by a different company. You probably want to know if the FS Global products *work* with the ORBX products (ORBX is the comoany, there is no product called "ORBX"). And yes, it should work perfectly fine...
  13. This post should be re-titled: when people don't use the search function...
  14. What do you mean with "why is everything a la carte"..? These are all separate type of add-ons/different products, and as such are sold separately. Maybe you owuod benefit from reading the descriptions a bit more, or even better, look in the generalforum for the orbx guide that explains what every type of add-on is and does.
  15. No airports come with Open LC. That is just landclass for the most part.
  16. No actually you completely missed the point, which was an analogy with films, delaying enjoying a good movie until you see which one comes out as a winner…
  17. It's working out great for me and having TONS of fun. I guess you go to the movies once a year when they announce the oscar winners...
  18. Just my 2 cents, but to me, holding back instead of *enjoying* the experience each has to offer is the only foolish course of action one can have... YOLO....
  19. To me this is not right at all. Like Nick assumed, to me the term "midnight" refers to the middle of a night that has already started for a given day, i.e.: midnight of day "x" is right after 11:59 pm (or 23:59 pm) of day "x".... The other way is just the beginning of the day and why hours from there on are called "in the morning" for day "x" (1 in the morning, 2 in the morning, etc.)
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