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  1. Hi all, This is an invitation for all know those interested in supplementing their virtual flying experience with some aerial combat action. I'm a FTX customer with all the Australian scenery, albiet not a forum regular. Some Aussies from Victoria and South Australia are forming a group called Virtual Flying Corps to work as a team in the Wings of Prey flight sim. We will be having regular sessions on week nights and some weekends. If you are interested or have any questions let me know at Cobber55@virtualflyingcorps.com or via http://www.virtualflyingcorps.com/. The website is being updated with details. There is also a Wings of Prey forum at http://yuplay.com/ I wasn't a participant but as Fighter Ace is closing down soon there is a lot of interest from that community in finding a new home. Some are migrating to Wings of Prey. If you haven't tried it yet I'd really encourage you to check it out.
  2. Can you guys please stop posting real photos and claiming they are FTX!
  3. I'm mainly flying two payware aircraft, a P-40 warbird from Shockwave and a Pilatus PC-9 from Iris. With it's bubble canopy the PC-9 is particularly good for gazing out at the lovely FTX landscape.
  4. Nicely done. The mist at the waters edge in the first shot is very effective.
  5. Lovely! No need to apologise for the number of shots. In fact more please! The 800x600 size is also fine with me. They show of Tasma... err FTX rather well.
  6. The second clip is my favorite. Keep em coming.
  7. It is so good to see these really Australian scenes. So real. I feel a bit homesick.
  8. Nice! Some of those really do look like they have come from adverts for QANTAS. Please keep those screenshots coming.
  9. Good to see. Keep those screen shots coming please.
  10. Great shots mate. That farm looks great.
  11. Very nice screenshot. I haven't had a chance to check out Tassy as yet. Looks great.
  12. Thank you. I'm away on business and am now suffering FTX withdrawals! At least I can check out the other screenshots being posted here.
  13. Hi and congratulations Orbx on a great job. This morning I had a very enjoyable flight along the great Ocean Road. Here are a few shots: And earlier after takeoff near Sale: Other add=ons to FSX are the new Iris Pilatus PC9 and Active Sky X. Cheers
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