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  1. Hi John, You kindly let me fly this region on your simulator at Cosford. As a user of both platforms (P3D & XP), I understand that scenery is just going to look better on XP due to its design. I have all of your Western USA regions for P3D and already have Washington and Oregon HD for XP. I can't wait to purchase Northern California Thanks for giving XP the ORBX treatment
  2. Thank you for all of the suggestions. My issue is that I need to make space before I can install TE Washington, hence the request for the list.
  3. Hi, My questions is similar. I currently use ORTH4XP generated tiles but wish to remove them to save space and just use the TE Washington tiles. Is there a list of tiles that I can reference to remove the ones I do not need from my ORTH4XP library. Thank you.
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