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  1. It may have well been asked before but are there any planes by Orbx to improve on the default scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Whilst the new sim has fantastic potential the UK scenery seems to suffer from a lack of POI's and the problem with all the high rise buildings dotted all over the countryside which for me spoils the excellent graphics and the enjoyment.
  2. Sorry Nick, I did not see the original post.
  3. I have recently updated GB South for prepar3d to version 2. I am missing the Needles scenery which was there in the previous version. I have verified both the Great Britain South and the Libraries folders. Everything else seems to be ok. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  4. One important thing seems to be missing. Its the main road and rail bridge onto the Isle of Sheppey on the A249. Its there on Prepa3d but not on the xplane Version. Its quite a big bridge too.
  5. I have a less powerful pc than JV's specs. But since using all his settings I am achieving an average of 25 FPS over London. This is virtually the same as I get in Xplane TE South. Over the more rural areas I am getting in excess of 45 FPS. I am also using REX Soft Clouds. The sim is pretty well stutter free too.Not quite as good as Xplane but better than the old days of FSX. Basically my specs are Windows 10 Home 64 bit Intel Core i5 7400 @3.00 Ghz with turbo boost up to 3.5 Ghz 16 GB ram GeForce GTX 1060 6GB I was pleasantly surprised after all the negative feedback I have read. Try JV's settings.
  6. I for one would like to see the higher definition of LOD 15. I have just invested in P3D (not a cheap option in itself) just for the TE England. I was expecting that to be available now. I for one do not mind not having seasons. Its all about visual quality for me flying at 2000 feet and lower. Could John just clarify whether as stated both versions are to be offered.
  7. Are there any plans now that the main UK scenery has been finished to complete EGKH Lashenden (Headcorn) Aerodrome. I believe it was started and was on the original list to do, but has gone very quiet recently. It hosted the Royal Aero Club race this weekend a very prestigious event and surely a good bet for Orbx scenery.
  8. Its a great shame that the smaller airfields have been dropped John. That is where most of us that have that have a PPL fly from. It surely is the core business for Orbx. I, for one learnt to fly at Headcorn many moons ago, and am hugely disappointed that EGKH is no longer being produced. I brought the other airfields on the assumption that EGKH would be produced. It was on the roadmap on New Years Eve.
  9. Has EGKH Lashenden/Headcorn now been dropped John. It was on the original list. I see that in the latest FTX England update the scenery has been changed around it which is a great improvement. FSS0186795 FSS0193848 FSS0198984 FSS0200283 FSS0209356 FSS0210161
  10. Thanks for the reply Paul. Does that mean Headcorn/ Lashenden has been dropped from the special airfields list?
  11. Is there any reply for this request please. It seems to have been moved and overlooked.
  12. I have just downloaded the new update to FTX England. Bit disappointed to see that the scenery around the Headcorn Airfield is still very very wrong. Are there any plans to change this in a future update? I know that headcorn was on the list of Airfields to be produced. Is this still the case? Just asking.
  13. Thanks John for the info. Its not that I was trying to be awkward. I was just trying to see if the roadmap had changed. I, like a lot of others have their favorites that we would love to see. Mine is Lashenden/Headcorn. I visit there on a regular basis. When I saw that it was on the roadmap list I was over the moon. I am so pleased to see its still on the list to do. My plan is to buy all the airports in my area of virtual flying. Stapleford is out of that area, but it is so good I had to buy it. Thanks again for the excellent support FSS0186795 FSS0193848 FSS0198984
  14. Thanks for the answer Paul, It's very much appreciated. FSS0186795 FSS0193848 FSS0198984
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