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  1. Hi everyone! Is the textures are correctly displayed? There are some squared texture patterns. It looks really bad. Can anyone check in your p3d v4 with OpenLC SA (view->outside->top-down)? This is SLLP La Paz airport in Bolivia. I'm not sure if OpenLC SA is properly installed. T.
  2. Hi, I noticed a problem with the textures. Screenshot attached. My ORBX addons: FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 150215 15TH FEBRUARY 2015 FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.30 September 2014 FTX GLOBAL VECTOR PACK - Version 1.20 October 2014 FTX openLC Base Region Version 1.10 - September 2013 FTX openLC Europe Version 1.15 - January 2015 FTX openLC North America Region 1 Version 1.00 - September 2013 How can i fix it? T.
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