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  1. +1, I didn't open the thread for that, only to exprim my frustration and to ask reactivation of paypal services. Please thank to keep the thread in a good mind
  2. We have a maxim in my compagny : "Trust is the easiest thing to lose but the hardest to regain" All these bad changes (bad and/or not ended ftx central, weak download infrastructure, paypal delete) can alter this trust.
  3. hi, Sorry by advance, i will not be very pleasant but : As a lot of customers, i only buy with paypal (and i will not change). so i could be great to have this option to come back. I understand, it cost a little for you, but winning more money must not be done against user/customers experience. your have started orbx direct too early (propably because of christmas coming) , with bugs, with missing basic functionnalities, with a too small infrastructure for download, and now, you remove paypal. what will be the next "surprise" ? Sincerely, i'm very worried about what's happen to my favorite scene editor, Regards,
  4. Hope the sloped runway will not be abandonned like for Narvik (the reason i didn't buy it). It gives more challenge and more realism. And if we are more and more sloped runways (and taxyways), perhaps LM will give a chance to modify Ai engine to use them.
  5. +1. A big thank for your hard work to update all installers.
  6. here is my google file with all orbx, fsaddons, aerosoft, francevfr and more products https://www.dropbox.com/s/mn2tvzef7hiwgrg/fsx.kmz?dl=0
  7. you could enhanced again with "Nice cote d'azur" from Aerosoft if you like this airport
  8. you are right about that, they don't make use of forum's good practices. They are impatient because they are passionate
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