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  1. Exactly my thoughts. He'll have a lot of annoying shimmer in FSX, especially with a virtual cockpit. I don't understand his 40fps either, he's much better of with 30fps and Vsync 1/2 refresh rate.
  2. This whole process of installing software, selecting regions, installing libraries, etc is just a complete mess if you ask me, a professional programmer for many years. Too complicated for some people and too easy to mess things up, not to mention that people are probably getting tired of installing the same libraries over and over again. Orbx also seems to ignore the fact what a pain in the butt it is to reinstall everything when your FSX is messed up beyond repair.
  3. No Ken, you think that it's better, just like I think that GmapHD is better. I have both too.
  4. You forgot the descriptive "What the?" title Snave, great if people want to search for topics based on the title...
  5. ...which is immensely exaggerated by a lot of people. I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone who got rid of his PC completely in favor of a phone or tablet, nobody. The myth is purely based on declining sales. What the doomsday people completely ignore is that we're not living in the 90's anymore, hardware is more reliable, easier to upgrade and most new software releases don't tend to bring a PC to its knees like in the 80's and 90's, when we needed a new machine almost every 2 years to keep up with demands and my generation knows exactly what I'm talking about! The moment Intel started to release core2duo and core2quad processors, which were a quantum leap, you could already sense how this would affect PC sales in a negative way. On top of that, people got more toys to play with like smart phones, tablets and more advanced gaming consoles, but how many of them got rid of their PC? You know who got rid of their PC? The ones with two left hands who were already hyperventilating when they heard the word "PC". No, the PC isn't going anywhere for a long time...not at home....not in businesses, it's allows us to get work done, it's our machine that regulates our backups, it's our most powerful hardware, it our interface to printers, tablets and all other kind of specialized hardware. People who now buy a tablet, will see that too once the tablet novelty wears off. I'm already seeing this trend on tech sites that asked their visitors how much they're using their tablets and what they're using it for.
  6. +1 I went so far as comparing live real weather seen through web cams at multiple locations in the world, with weather produced by the combination REX 4 and FS Global Real Weather vs REX 4 and OpusFX. OpusFX works pretty well, but it tends it make cloud cover look too dramatic in my opinion (I compared the same locations at approximately the same time with different weather engines, but the same REX 4 textures). I stopped using REX 3, I think that the textures in REX 4 look more realistic.
  7. Contest: "January 2014 screenshot contest" The rules clearly state: 5. Any no -screenshot post (ie comment) will be deleted There is a post by TheMan_RJ that contains NO screenshot, only the comment: "Great shot! This could be a contest winner!" I asked Orbx VIP to remove it but he refuses. What's the point of having a contest of you're not going to stick to your own rules?
  8. 400+ million people on Europe's mainlaind, the ones that don't live on those islands, have not seen even ONE single region or aiport yet and yet we still have people who are disappointed that they have to wait a bit longer to have even more North-American regions and airports than they huge amounts that they already got. I'm telling ya... some people can be really selfish at times....sigh. To Orbx, have you ever thought about the fact that Germany/Austria/Switzerland is almost a market of 100 million people? Why did you pick Ireland with 6 million people and only 19 FSX airports, when Germany has 471 and a lot of Germans crazy about flying? On top of that, most of them can afford all these expensive add-ons, since German is doing very well economically! No offense, but sometimes I wonder about your strategies when it comes to picking regions..
  9. I get the impression that you don't quite know what you're doing. Now if it would be me, I would completely ignore FSX and run an extensive hardware performance and reliability test before I would start to analyze FSX from top to bottom. Heck, I would already have done this BEFORE I would install any application! Also do extensive tests on both graphics cards and make sure that they're showing the performance that you can expect from SLI and make sure that you have all the latest Windows 8 drivers and don't rely on Microsoft's update service, but go directly to the manufacturer sites instead and also check any bios or firmware.
  10. I guess I'm too late, because I have an easy fix for that which doesn't require the FSX disc.
  11. This whole thread is a joke if you ask me. What I mostly see is Americans and Canadians unwilling to "leave" their country in FSX to discover the other beautiful places out there. No, obviously they didn't get enough regions and airports yet, regardless the fact that they have been spoiled like crazy by Orbx...sigh. Why do we have 13 English speaking regions anyway? There is a huge market in Germany and no offense, Switzerland looks way better than a lot of the countries/regions released by Orbx. Continents like Africa (S-AFrica for example has almost 200 airports), Asia and South America (Brazil alone has already like 550 airports in FSX!) are sadly enough completely ignored. Oh well... knowing that Norway is going to be released is at least one positive note.
  12. I think you misunderstood. The Orbx files are fine, it's the photo that he posted that is too saturated.
  13. Trust me, I don't need this site to know that Intel makes the most reliable SSD drives, it's a well known fact and no surpise to me if you ask me, considering that they're the leading CPU maker in the world and pushing bounderies year after year. I just shared the link hoping that it would have more impact than my personal opinion, obviously not. But hey, if you want to try the other brands because you assume that these reviews were paid for, be my guest, then you might as well start to ignore every review of every product, good or bad.
  14. Yes, Intel needs simple souls like me to promote their SSD's on a relatively unrelated forum, you're seriously funny!
  15. - Orbx web site: 54 screenshots of this airport and 4 videos. - Youtube: 558 results when I search for YSCB orbx - Google: 17,200 results when I search for YSCB orbx review - Google images: hundreds of screenshots when I search for YSCB orbx Yet you still "bought" it....
  16. I use GMap viewer for Windows and have it running on my netbook using the LAN: http://fswidgets.com/shop/download_files.php It's free, works with Simconnect (so no third party tools that affect stability or performance), good maps and it simply works. Personally I find your post a bit confusing, because you start with a request for a moving map, but then you suddenly start talking about setting a course.
  17. I hope that all the SSD owners on this forum bought Intel: http://www.extremetech.com/computing/173887-ssd-stress-testing-finds-intel-might-be-the-only-reliable-drive-manufacturer
  18. Maybe I didn't explain myself very well. I don't think I have an issue, I'm just wondering why they designed it this way, it makes no sense.
  19. Plane flying at 2000ft, horizontal and PAUSED. Weather textures used: REX 4 NO live weather 30fps - clear skies 24fps - fair weather 24fps - winter wonderland 22fps - cold front 21fps - heavy snow 20fps - building storm 18fps - stormy weather 17fps - Gray and rainy 14fps - fogged in 12fps - major thunderstorm Why are the frame rates dropping like this, when my game is paused and I'm just staring at a static image? It's not just a REX 4 issue, the same happens when I select Orbx weather textures.
  20. It looks to me that you're using Microsoft's built in ZIP support. My advice: don't use it, stick to a recent version of WinZip or even better, WinRar.
  21. Looks to me like meshes with a very low resolution. Example: the area marked with the blue square requires a 20MB compressed file, while I need a 600MB compressed file for Switzerland (in red) to get any satisfactory results:
  22. I don't have that experience, I notice a slight decrease in FPS and a slight increase in random stutter (especially in F11 camera review), compared to the average experience in FTX regions.
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