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  1. Orbx please give an answer to this problem. It is not correct what you do. The product does not cross the Swiss border and I am not the owner of this product. I have only a license to use this product.
  2. I went shopping at Orbx a few days ago and noticed on the invoice that I should suddenly pay 8% VAT. I live in Switzerland and the VAT here is currently not 8% but 7.7%. Then the following question: What does Orbx do with this 8%? Do they go in their own pockets? They should normally be extradited to the Swiss state. In addition, a product that does not physically cross the Swiss border, which is the case here, is not charged with VAT in Switzerland. Regards, Heinz
  3. I have AU Traffic Australia and New Zealand installed in FSX. I want to return to the AI default traffic FSX. How do I proceed? Heinz
  4. Hello Nick Thank you very much for your answer. Regards, Heinz
  5. Hello Nick But I think I have to install Orbx Central on the new PC and then reinstall all my products again, is this correct? Heinz
  6. Hello Orbx I have a new PC. The new FS2020 and the FSX are installed on it. How do I have to proceed so that my Orbx products get into the FSX installed on the new PC. At the moment I only have products for FSX in my account, none at the moment for the new FS2020. I will no longer use the old PC. Thanks for any help. Heinz
  7. Can we hope for an update or will you leave the problem as it is? Regards, Heinz
  8. Hi John Yes, I was able to do the updates without creating a library. Heinz
  9. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: FSX only Screenshot: Issue: I found two updates this morning in Orbx Central (Pacific Northwest and Pacific Fjords). When I wanted to install the updates, Orbx Central asked me to create a library, otherwise the two sceneries won't work correctly. Is it really necessary to do this, I use only FSX? I'm afraid AutogenConfigurationMerger (ACM) will no longer work correctly and the scenery library will no longer be correct when I create a library outside from FSX. I absolutely need ACM because I also have VFR France sceneries installed. Heinz
  10. Hi Nick I think what you say is correct for Orbx regions but not for 3rd party sceneries like Switzerland Professional or VFR France. Heinz
  11. When an user has e.g. AU Australia installed, is there a need to have Vector ticked in the scenery library or not? I found out, that every where I have a region scenery installed, Vector causes so much errors, that I mean it is better to deactivate Vector. Is this right or not? Heinz
  12. Is it possible to disable (I mean not to uninstall) and to enable trees HD and buildings HD somwhere in FSX? Heinz
  13. Hi Nick I have Australia v4.1.0 installed and ORBX Central says, that the produckt is up to date. I don't own Australia v2. Heinz
  14. I'm confused. I have been installing ORBX Central for several months. I have deactivated the automatic product updates. I want to know when what is being updated. I have installed more than a hundred ORBX products. When I search for updates in ORBX Central, I always get the message that no updates are available. I just can't believe that none of my products has had an update for all the months I've been using ORBX Central. I only use the FSX. Thanks for your comment. Regards, Heinz Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
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