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  1. Hi Nick, I told him about your advice that worked in my P3D v4, apparently he told me it did not work in v2, I confess I was surprised.
  2. I use the program mentioned by JJJackson and very good it is too.
  3. Hi, As I said yesterday the use of 'ENTER' certainly works in P3Dv4 .however a friend of mine who still uses P3Dv2 finds that it does not. I wonder if there is another key that does this????
  4. Thank you all who contributed to answering my question. I've tried your suggestion and it works.
  5. A long time ago when I still used FSX i had a facility when in Scenery Library ,if I needed to move scenery files up or down I could speed up the process by holding down the 'ALT' (I think it was) and then the 'move up' or 'move down' this would speed up the whole process. Orbx scenery usually places itself above almost every other scenery. I now have P3Dv4.1 and this useful 'ALT' key does not seem to work. Does anyone know if there is another key that can speed up the process of moving scenery files quickly?
  6. Not volcanoes I know, but I'd like to see trains on the scenery,you can see cars and trucks so why not trains?
  7. I have gone to P3D v 4.1 completely,I have deleted V3 , I am finding V4 in every way superior to the previous. Maybe I just lucky. I deleted V3 once the Majestic Q400 was updated which was the only reason I retained v3 as long as I did.
  8. This scenery looks really nice, I think I'm going to have this, Germany North and South, I think France should be under consideration.
  9. Hi JV, This scenery looks brilliant, do you think France will get this treatment eventually?
  10. Yes mate, great pictures, I'm with you in this great aircraft.
  11. I wonder if the old Nurburgring circuit is there, It would be a great place to fly over in a nice slow aircraft such as the Feissler Storch.
  12. Hi All, I would like to offer a suggestion for FTXCv3. When I open FTXC3 itasks me if I want P3Dv3 or P3Dv4 scenery (I have both sims ,although it could be another supported sim) SUGGESTION. Would it be possible for a means to go to another scenery choice within the main FTXC3 and not have to close the program ,then have to open it again??. I think FTXCv3 is very good and quite the best version so far.
  13. What's that awful noise in the backround,some people call it music I think.
  14. It looks like you are doing a great job Richard ,by the way, I live in Brittany (Cotes d'Armor) Your England scenery, c'est magnifique.
  15. I know some people who still persist with FS2004, you know that quaint sim that came out just before the wheel was invented.
  16. Very nice pictures. Is this the new Milviz Beaver? If so ,it going to be available on P3D v4 very soon.
  17. I am a lucky lad,I have just got a lovely new powerful pc and am now thinking of the best way to install about 45 lots of Orbx sceneries on said machine.I use P3D , It will be a bit of a marathon install session. Has anyone got any useful tips?
  18. Those shots look a lot like the Real Air Spitfire, very nice.
  19. Just a small comment on the BA 747 ,it has the wrong engines fitted,they look like GE6's but ought to be RR's, I used to work on that aircraft (G-BNLR) as an aircraft engineer. I don't think they have re-engined it. Very nice airport though.
  20. That is a really nice looking F86, Who makes that?
  21. Hi Guys, I hope I won't need to remortgage my house to buy Innsbruck, Oh well, I'm going to get it anyway.
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