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  1. Hi Nick. That did the trick. Honolulu is now downloaded. Alas there is problem with the scenery, but I must deal with that later. Thank you for your help kindly jakob
  2. Hi Nick. Great to her from you It just could be that you are right. I will have a look tonight. kindly jakob
  3. I have the same problem. And I use orbs central, but am met with the “no downloadable content” message when trying to install the new Hawaii scenery. Any help is welcome kindly Jakob Arnholtz
  4. Sorry. Of course sweden Will be a most welcome addition.
  5. May I suggest Denmark (EU) as a TrueEarth scenery. That would make us able to travel Through EU Germany all the way to Nordkap i Norway over EU ORBX scenery or TrueEarth scenery. Just a suggestion. And please forgive me, If this is the wrong forum. Kindly Jakob Arnholtz
  6. Thanks a lot Nick. That did the trick. Many regards Jakob Arnholtz
  7. It all started when I tried to update the KSAN Installation. After download, the installation bagan, but never ended. I has tried Nick Coopers's advise ( Found somewhere else on this forum) but it did not help.My FTX Central just sits there installing forever.I hope you can help me out here. Kindly Jakob Arnholtz Below is a couple of screens, describing my problems.
  8. I have the same problem as described above, but alas, Nick Coopers's advise did not help me. My FTX Central just sits there like it is frosen.I hop you can help me out here Kindly Jakob Arnholtz
  9. Hi. Just got the Northern Germany scenery from ORBX. I love it! What a piece of work. I also own the Norway scenery, and now I just wonder, if ORBX plan a scenery of the rather small contry of Denmark, so we all can fly from mainland Europe all the way to Nordkap in Northern Norway over a stunning ORBX scenery Kindly Jakob Arnholtz
  10. That did the trick. Once I updated my OrbxlibsI (Downloaded to harddisc) i was back in business. Everything seems to work now. The scenery looks great! Kindly Jakob Arnholtz
  11. And I have the same problem. Bought and downloaded the scenery today, but to my dissapointment no buildings at ESSA. Kindly Jakob Arnholtz
  12. Thanks a million times. That did the trick (and saved me a lot of time!) Kindly Jakob Arnholtz
  13. I like to add, that my installation is upgraded with the sp3, because I bought the product when it was brand new!
  14. Hi. I have installed the whole Australia ORBX scenery. A fantastic product-bravo. Alas, I am experiencing severe scenery problems with my other add-on sceneries. Around the airports I load at, water is transformed to landclass. Only when I load at places, where I have not (yet!) activated some kind of scenery addon, everything seems to be normal. I am using your latest patch, and yes, I have disabled orbx in the orbx configurator. Hope you can help me. Kindly Jakob Arnholtz, Copenhagen DK
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