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  1. I too am seeing the same issue over at ESSA Stockholm Aiport. Runway/Taxiway textures are not loaded correctly.
  2. i can't friggin' wait for this! drooling all over myself here
  3. Love the X-plane content you guys are pumping out This is an instant purchase for me!
  4. Thank you for bringing products to X-plane as well now! Can't wait!!!!! Hopefully LR implements the requested features at some point!
  5. 'Sometime in the weekend' is for the most part interpreted as late friday or early saturday nowadays.
  6. Reading your posts in this thread is making me even more hyped than what i already was for this region! You should be a salesman :D I can't wait to go exploring!!! First thing i'll do is see if i can spot my house and attempt a landing in the back garden!
  7. Excellent news Hopefully the servers won't melt when everyone tries to purchase
  8. A rather generous price if you ask me. I was expecting this to be priced the same as FTX Global (which i'd have 0 problems with seeing what we're getting here!!!)
  9. bought it myself just now. Roll on triple installers!
  10. Hello Quick question just to make sure i didn't screw anything up. I've bought both the FTX NA Blue SAK and FTX NA GOLD NCA. With FTX Central open i see North America but not Alaska as a separate icon to activate. Is this intentional? When i activate NA does this activate both NCA and Alaska at the same time? Hopefully my question isn't too confusing. Can't quite wrap my head around this EDIT : Forgot to add i'm running Prepar3D V2.2 with the latest OrbXLibs installed.
  11. http://www.prepar3d....s/2014/04/4944/
  12. UAC is off - program has full admin rights.
  13. Done a ton of searching, unable to find anyone who's experiencing the same issue(s) as me. Any ideas as to what this could be?
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