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  1. I own accuseason and already updated to advanced when I opened the app and it prompted me to update. But now I see on the Orbx app that there is two selections for accuseason one for the original and one for advanced. The one for advanced shows that I need to buy it when I should'nt since this was a free update for existing costumers. I uninstalled accuseason on the Orbx app as per instructions so it shows that I don't have it installed on the Orbx app which is correct, but should have access to the accuseason advanced. Thanks for help
  2. So still unclear if there is a plan to port over some of these airports into MSFS 2020? Like I said I really enjoyed Orbx airports be nice to know if they will be worked on, Thanks.
  3. Missing some of my older Orbx airports like KBZN KJAC and PAJN, to mention a few. Is any talk of getting them for MSFS 2020. Thanks
  4. thanks for the reply , good to hear about future possibilities
  5. I've done some searching around and still have not been able to determine if you can change static jetways like in KBZN, for SODE jetways from GSX 2. Sorry if this has been addressed already but I could'nt find an answer. It will determine if I get this program, Thanks.
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