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  1. So still unclear if there is a plan to port over some of these airports into MSFS 2020? Like I said I really enjoyed Orbx airports be nice to know if they will be worked on, Thanks.
  2. Missing some of my older Orbx airports like KBZN KJAC and PAJN, to mention a few. Is any talk of getting them for MSFS 2020. Thanks
  3. Also noticed that the control panels for some airports won't have any options to check, so I'll run verify then they will show up next time I open the control panel. But sometimes I'll check an option but it won't hold, like KSAN I'll check disable dynamic light , next time I open control panel both options won't be checked. Something must be messed up.
  4. I have made sure that libraries are up to date, I have verified NCA and SCA , open LC north America , Global base , Vector ( I have golf course turn off but still showing) , sync simulator , Orbx airports and regions are inserted below "top of scenery library", Orbx global open LC inserted below "Orbx airports and regions". Thanks for help.
  5. After switching to Central I notice sode in my products list. I have GSX L2 and all my Orbx airports that come with jetways are working, so do I need to install this don't want to mess anything up thanks. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: P3D 4.5 HF2 Screenshot: Issue:
  6. yea that is what I just figured out, so can't I get the update if I am still on FTX central?
  7. thanks looks like my version is still v3.3.9.2 for central and I have no marker for KTVL. When did the update come out?
  8. tried the verify too after I upgraded to v4.5 htfx 2. not sure if that caused any problems. keep an look out for the update
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