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  1. Will FTX Global work with FSGlobal2010 as mesh add-on? I searched the forums, but couldn't find anything refering to this...
  2. Enjoying my latest purchase: A2A's P-51 Mustang! Thanks for watching!
  3. Thanks guys! I haven't noticed any huge imapact...but I haven't been flying in heavy weather yet. But I think it should be the same as REX2.
  4. Here are just a few shots of my short flight in Idaho this evening...featuring REX Essential! I hope you enjoyed!
  5. Hi Folks! This morning, I had the time to do a little flight in the raw wilderness of North America! This series features FTX Pacific Fjords and the A2A Piper Cub... Hope you enjoyed!
  6. Thanks guys! The aircraft is freeware: http://www.irissimulations.com/product-classics-t6a.php
  7. Good day folks, as Aerosoft had their Christmas Sale, I couln't resist and bought my missing North America FTX packs: PFJ, NRM and CRM As the weather is like crap here in Germany, I decided to switch FSX to spring and do some low and fast flying...Loved it!! I hope you enjoyed it...Feel free to leave a comment!
  8. I've already seen them in the FTG forum...Simply stunning, Aaron! Greetings, LH201
  9. Nice shots! How are the fps compared to the freeware version? Can you say smth about that? Would be cool...
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