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  1. Definitely by impulse that's for sure!
  2. They didn't no, and yet they kinda live on I suppose as they were reworked somewhat into Jetstar and their 717s served with them and now still with QFlink I believe. I remember seeing the cockatoo livery 717 once when I was a kid.
  3. Recently got this airport as well and I must say stellar job ORBX! It looks simply stunning. I don't know if Impulse ever actually flew there but whatever, technicalities!
  4. Alliance pretty much exclusively flies mining charters out of Cairns and Adelaide is my understanding, with some seasonal operations over in New Zealand. I like them mostly for their F50, F70 and F100 fleet. In in sim I've been switching up between flying Alliance or Ansett recently. The F50 looks good in both of their schemes.
  5. It is probably my favourite place to fly in sim right now. Picked it up during the sale and the combination of mountains and a fun approach and departure with the beautiful sea right there is great. I can thank chaseplane for the camera angle. I was skeptical about getting it at first but now I can't imagine flying without it. So much freedom for interesting shots as well as navigating VC panels with ease. I just need to buy a second numpad or something so I can bind my favourite angles I guess.
  6. One of my first flights involving the Carendo F50 taking off from my recent FS homebase of Cairns. It's such a nice airport and after being at the real thing in June, the Orbx depiction is still reasonably accurate. If those opposing hills were higher definition I'd say it'd be tough to tell this shot apart from a real photo!
  7. Alright I got it, textures have been upgraded and now show fine. Might eventually upgrade all the FTX AI aircraft just to be on the safe side, it's not all that hard to do really given I already do this stuff when repainting.
  8. Hey all, I have recently made the switch to using DX10 full time and I have to say I very much enjoy the smoothness and better shading it gives (and that water!). I have noticed that some of the AI models however show the usual issue of no textures being displayed. I have fixed this on my flyable skyspirit models by converting the textures and I'm guessing that I have to do the same here. My main issue however is finding the particular aircraft that are having issues. The REX Saab 340s are easy enough to fix but theres a mysterious RR powered A330 sitting at Melbournes T2 when you set the sim time to just day. Anybody have any idea which one that is? Most of the other A330s I've seen don't have any issues so it has to be specific to that livery. Any help?
  9. Alright thanks for the reply. I've seen the logos around on a few sites so that makes sense. Given we fly out of Brisbane, there's plent of incentive to try and get some other pilots to give ORBX scenery and airports a try.
  10. Great photos, really like the Asiana 777s' photo angle. Not a fan of the T7 normally but it looks nice there as you hid its neck and its engines don't look so oversized!
  11. Hello all. Not sure where to put this so I thought here would be best. Does ORBX offer any kind of sponsorships or similar to other flight sim sites or Virtual airlines? Reason I ask is because I have recently been looking around for my VA and have noticed some FS developers (like Aerosoft) provide sponsorship and discounts whilst others (like PMDG) do not seem to offer the same. I was wondering what ORBXs stance is on this matter? I remember reading that no sales were being provided here anymore with the move to the different pricing scheme so that might be a part of my answer. Regards, ~Adem
  12. Bit of a late reply (over a month!) but thanks all, much appreciated.
  13. Hello all, This is only my second attempt at making a HD video from FS. Must say it takes ages for them to upload to youtube! This was intended originally in idea to be a promo for my VA before its launch, however by the time I had the ideas and tools for it the VA had already been running for a couple months so I adapted it into a short promo. Even from 38,000ft, FTX Australia still looks excellent with its good terrain definition. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf81O9U4Yys
  14. G'day all, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for it but I don't think there is anywhere else appropriate for it. Also about time I dropped the old thread considering I'm no longer contemplating it. This month sees Reach Airways continuing to expand with new pilots and aircraft to our existing destinations. It is currently planned to launch some west coast and central Australian destinations by December pending approval and aircraft availability. Currently the aircraft fleet consists of 4 737s (two each of both -700 and -800 model), an ATR 72-500 for regional operations and an Airbus A320-200 (being used for evaluation flights currently). This month also sees a revised website skin and a new header image. Improvements are continuously being made to the website and forums to improve the user experience. Now is the best time to join us as we settle in for summer. Remember to join our forums as well to join the discussion and have access to many useful tools for FSX. now go out there and enjoy the Australian Skies! Website: http://www.reachva.com
  15. I have now set up the forums which are available to join from here; http://reachva.com/smf/index.php Currently accounts for the website are not linked with the forums so remember to register on both. Guests are only able to view a limited amount of the forums with the majority of it reserved for members only.
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