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  1. Thanx Sniper. I put the same thing on one of the forums and get several emails this morning asking for the web address, so that some of these guys can compare the fares....maybe I should float the virtual airline....hahaha Frank
  2. Brisbane: 15th August 2017 At a press conference today at Brisbane Airport, CEO and Founder of Ozsim Aviation, Frank Cooper,re-launched the Company's new re-vamped Airline. OZI, or Ozsim International Airlines, will be based out of Brisbane and has now leased 13 new Boeing 737-800's from Seattle, USA., to fulfil their new charter Domestically and Internationally. The CEO said, "Ozsim Aviation went international earlier this year and we have now picked up domestic and International Routes, as well as Charter work. Our Test Flight today, features our New Livery, which will be painted on our entire fleet, starting immediately." The test flight, from Cairns to Brisbane, did not start out well. An overnight cyclone warning was downgraded in the early hours, giving Captain Frank and Crew, and their newly painted 737-800 a chance to get airborne. Only minutes into the flight, a faulty engine indication on the upper EICAS proved to be a software issue, keeping the seasoned crew, well on their toes. "We train for all of these eventualities, so really, nothing out of the ordinary, a great flight, perfect touchdown in Beautiful Bris-Vegas and now we start on the job of advertising and getting our name out there in the market place.
  3. They are all there (provided you bought them). You may need to update your FTX Central. I believe the updated one is v3.2.2.1 Frank
  4. Nice try, Teecee. As good as Ants stuff is, I only have top end payware on my PC's, which could account for my lack of problems when it comes to flying. In case you have any doubts, my youtube site has many flights featuring YBBN, without FPS issues. I seem to remember John saying something about updating Australia in the coming future. Maybe the issues may be addressed then. Frank
  5. Always been a happy customer of ORBX. John and the Team have done a stellar job, getting the V4 gear ready amidst a barrage of unfriendly and uncalled for, comments. Patience seems to be in short supply for much of the simming community. Oh, well, as the old adage goes.."all good things come to those who wait" Thanx Guys, Great Job! Frank
  6. I have never had problems with YBBN. I remain mystified why people do. It is my base airport and I must have flown (in and out) hundreds of times. I haven't flown it yet with V4, but it is downloading as we speak and I'll be trying it again starting tomorrow. I also run a full cockpit running three pc's to three high def projectors and had no problems with Brisbane in V3, so I'm looking forward to seeing it in the cockpit with V4. You may need to read the ORBX YBBN manual and adjust your settings according to your PC specs. Frank P.S. Forgot to say that Russ White built this airport and did an awesome job. it's already stood the test of time. Onya, Russ, Great Work, mate!
  7. My upgrades have had to take a step back, as I finish off our house renovations. I'm hoping to have a new main PC built (i9-7900X, ASUS Gaming ROG mobo, 64Gb fast ram and a GTX 1080ti) to go with the new 2Tb Samsung SSD's that I installed in all my graphics PC's. All this along with brand new installs of P3D V4, Prosim and all of the updated V4 sceneries for Asia and Europe and of course, all of the ORBX goodness. Frank
  8. Fantastic vid, John, but your audio gets cut off at the end a bit prematurely. Thanx for a peer into the future... Frank
  9. Wideview has now been updated to 64 bit, so another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. I'm only waiting on one piece of software now, Prosim. It runs fine with P3D V4, but has a small issue with Simconnect, causing lag, even though it is fully operational. The fix is coming and due in August/September. I'm happy to wait till then. Frank
  10. Come on, Guys. We all love to come here and see what's going on in the ORBX and simming world, but enough is enough. The constant badgering for software releases and upgrades, is quite annoying. We all get it, you and I and a whole lot of people love ORBX and wanna fly in the simulated world with ORBX software, but every day there are more and more. Constantly badgering and harassing is doing nothing to get the upgrades any faster. For the slow learners, ORBX have had a long standing policy of not releasing dates for upgrades and releases...so just deal with it! I cannot believe the patience of the ORBX team and especially Nick and the mods for dealing with this behaviour. Grow Up, it's not life or death! Frank
  11. That's a nice video, Michael. P3D V4 sure is looking like the next big thing in cockpit software, that's for sure. I'm doing maintenance on my cockpit at the moment and am hoping that by the time I'm flying again, in a few weeks, I may be able to go over to P3D V4 completely. I have a 200degree screen with three high def projectors, so am reliant on wideview. Luckily for me Luciano Napolitano just updated wideview to 64 bit, so that challenge is out of the way and now it's just an update by Prosim holding me back. Again, nice vid and nice cockpit you got there, Frank
  12. No, mate, stick with that Commodore 64...
  13. I wrote and self published several books of verse, the first being, "Rhyme Without Reason". I've also completed several novels. One of them entitled "Hope" was an aviation fictional adaption of when I met my wife. I finished it, but my wife hated the ending, (Where the heroine died), so I never published it. I'm four chapters into another fictional drama about a returned SAS soldier who rescues a school bus full of children and then gets blamed for it's crash. It's really confronting writing. I have read a chapter to my children every time we had family dinner and they are constantly asking when the next chapter is coming. I love writing and find it very cathartic, so you now know why I have the handle..... Frank
  14. Well, the upgrades have begun. The entire roof lining is out, seats are out and the aft overhead has been removed. I discovered that I didn't put enough quick disconnect fittings in the aft overhead electrics, so I'll be doing that tomorrow and then moving on to the seats, next. It's going to be a very busy couple of weeks ahead, that's for sure. Frank
  15. Hi People, Here's the video, as promised: Enjoy, my friends, Frank
  16. Sure, Jack, Just let me know you are coming via email and I'll try and be the perfect host. You might also be lucky enough to get a ride in Dorian... Frank
  17. Thanx for the comments, Gents. It was always my intention to share my work with others and the sim has gained a bit of notoriety over seas. I've had two visitors, now, one from Canada and one from Central America.....whoops, almost forgot one of my best mates, Richard, from New Zealand, who I helped in the construction of his cockpit, as well. He's been over from NZ a few times for a fly. It really is a joy to share something that you are passionate about, with family and friends. The look on some of their faces when they see it and more importantly, when it all starts up and gets in the air....truly priceless! And Jim, I'll not be flying with AFS2, I bought it, checked it out and it's not for me. With the advent of V4, my path is set and my mission now is to port everything over to that. It was made for cockpits and works with all of the hardware, so I see no need for anything else. So, I'll be getting the overalls on tomorrow and start ripping bits out of the sim for some upgrades. I'll be attaching my butt-kickers to my seats and all sorts of other goodies, Frank
  18. I've just completed a 26 leg tour of the US and Canada, starting in the Bahamas and ending in Anchorage, Alaska, in my cockpit. That's a lot of hours of flying and I gotta say, I am so impressed. For many years, I was blown away by the incredible Australian scenery by ORBX, but never ventured much past NZ or Tassie. The textures and sights of the US and Canada were breathtaking. My last flight today, ending at Anchorage was beautiful. The sun was trying to peep through a hazy sky and the shimmer on the water as we crossed and entered finals, was amazing. I videoed it, the last two minutes after touch down are missing, but the take-off and climb, landing are all there, so I'll get to and edit it up and throw it up for all to see, later tonight. I spent a lot of time, sharing the cockpit with great friends and watching their reactions to the amazing sights and sounds of P3D and ORBX sceneries. Anyway, it's now time for some well earned rest for the sim. I have a month of mechanical and software maintenance, before embarking on the next Tour, Asia and Europe. There is an outside chance that I may be able to set up P3D V4 in the cockpit for the next Tour, but it's dependant on some very important software, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for that. So, Thanx to John and the ORBX Team for providing me and my friends with a few months of intense training and fun and looking forward to the next chapter in the sim, Frank
  19. ....Nah, pretty sure I'm happy with what I got! Frank
  20. ....and then, after spending 10-20k on a 3 phase motion platform and another 5k to put 3 phase power on, you realise that in a sim, 70% of your movement perception comes from your visual senses. So, spending 5k on 3 beautiful high def short throw projectors and a 200degree wrap around screen yields better results and you can go down the pub with the boys for the next three years and buy them all drinks with the 15k you saved! Frank
  21. Absolutely outstanding service, as usual. Thanx for being patient with the unpatient, thanx for being quick and efficient and thanx for making all these lovely toys updates, for free! A man can't ask much more than that.....ORBX, take a bow, Well Done Frank
  22. Yay, I get to be the first thread in the P3D Section about the newest Version of P3D. LM announced tonight, that : "More details will be released over the next week with Prepar3D v4 being directly available from Prepar3D.com on May 30, 2017 at 2:00pm EST." It's probably going to bring (initially), tears of joy for all those who suffer the dreaded OOM's. No doubt this thread will fill fast, as more news and views come to hand.... Watch this space........... Frank
  23. Leg 18 is a quick 5 minute vid showing off the beautiful ORBX terrain from Las Vegas to San Francisco. My next one is from Frisco to Seattle, so looking forward to that baby... Frank
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