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  1. Thank you, Tim, Great Products, Great Staff, Great Forum....It's all.....GREAT! And my Dear Friend, Emmsie, Happy Xmas, mate, to you and your beautiful daughter, Iain. Frank
  2. I opened up the ORBX page here this morning, like I have done for years and years and see that they are running a competition to win some products. So, I thought, Why not enter, you can never get enough ORBX goodness, Right? I went through the process and entered, then I scrolled down to read the Prizes....the penny dropped. I think I own all of those products already......hahaha! Last nite, I got an early Xmas pay, so I went a bit troppo and bought up quite a few gems that I didn't have in my collection. When I counted them up, I've got 124 ORBX goodies in my ORBX direct account. Amazing how a collection can grow over the years. I have a lot of other add-on scenery, but if I didn't have the others, I'd be quite happy to just fly around the ORBX world, plenty to see and do for many, many years!!! Thanx ORBX and Happy Xmas to Everyone, Frank
  3. Thanx, Iain. Unfortunately, it hasn't been all beer and skittles. Along with the upgrade path, comes a plethora of teething troubles to be sorted. I am thinking that this might be the end of the upgrade path for a while. Having said that, as soon as I finish this Challenge, I'll be doing some hardware updates and upgrades. My internal Intercom system has been installed for a while. I have a really great triple (Captain, FO and Observer) Ruscool Intercom system. When I finished installing it, I had no time to do all of the testing and integration, so that will be up and running for my next Tour. I love the sim, it keeps me active and my mind on the job. The camaraderie from within the community, in the whole, is amazing. It is also wonderful to invite friends and family over and knock their socks off with a quick flight to Queenstown or Paro, or any of the 25,000 places around the world. It's great to have a hobby that is limited only by your own imagination...and the amount of fuel you are carrying!!! Frank
  4. The official first leg of the Challenge. I've also installed my I9-9900K tonight, so looking forward to the future flights with this CPU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PYHhNc3Njs Frank
  5. I gave way to my inner consumer and bought the i9-9900K. What I wasn't expecting was the weird packaging, tho…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZvT66OmzLI Frank
  6. Sorry, Filou, I will never go over to XP.....OOOOH, did I really say that!!! Yes, I don't say it to cause controversy, as everyone is different and we all have our likes and dislikes. I like P3D. I have honestly tried all of the versions of XP and it left me cold. I also use Prosim, so XP is a deal breaker. Macca, getting an Intel i9-9900k might be tougher than winning the lottery at the moment. There are a few distributors advertising on Ozzie ebay and they currently have a sale on, which drops the price of a 9900k cheaper than you can buy from a local distributor. After the week of testing, I'm blown away by the 8700k stock, without any OC'ing. At this stage, my OCD wants me to still update, but my common sense is telling me to keep flying till next year when the next iteration furnishes better results. AMD has just hit the market with their latest 7nm chip and it really will give Intel a boot up the Khyber, so hopefully it will re-balance the marketplace. The choice is yours, mate, but like I said above, I bought an 8700k and 32Gb of 3200mzh RAM for the same price of an Intel i9-9900k. Frank
  7. I've just finished the fourth leg of testing on my next tour. As you can see from the above vid, myself and my good mate, Richard jellyman, who lives across the pond in New Zealand are going to undertake a Challenge....haha, everyone loves a good Ozzie versus Kiwi Challenge! Anyway, we've got my wife involved as well. We are going to fly 8 legs from Port Morseby to Auckland, via Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Launceston, Queenstown, Nelson, Wellington and Auckland. I'm going to fly it starting from Port Moresby and Richard is going to start from Auckland and fly the reverse route. My wife is going to knock up a spreadsheet to log our times on and off the blocks as well as fuel used, for each leg. After the 8 legs, she is going to create some magic formula to assess the winner, via length of time divided by fuel used. We are both putting 100 bucks in and the winner will pick a Charity of choice (mine will be the Royal Flying Doctor Service) and we will donate the dosh! This will give me a chance to thrash the new PC, have a great time and keep off the streets for a week, as well as give a few sheckals to a great Charity. Of course, we'll be videoing the whole thing, so I'll put up the links here. So, as they say in the classics, watch this space...... Frank
  8. I have a lot of time on my hands, Iain. You are too kind, as well....haha Many thanx, mate, Frank
  9. This is the first full flight with the new upgrades. It's a flight from ORBX's AYPY Port Moresby International to YBCS Cairns, using real-time weather. I've installed GSX Level 2, but couldn't get my forward and rear doors to open. I've since found out the reason and rectified it. Now GSX works fine and you can see the passengers loading and deboarding, it's quite neat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9m3gO8kmse0&t=105s Hope you enjoy, Frank
  10. Col, You are too late, someone already rained on the parade. I also read the news and I also read that they are reports only, no factual evidence. NVIDIA are personally involved and looking further into it, but are reliant on factual evidence. Either way, stuff happens, it's not going to change anything for me. Facts are facts and I already see a marked difference. In the scheme of things, this is not the most expensive updates I've done over the years (complete PC build cost me 6000 bucks), but has yielded the best results of all of them. I'm now back in the air and more confident of pushing the sim to the limits now. Frank
  11. I finally got the PC back out in the cockpit last nite and hooked up. In the past doing a major upgrade like replacing mobo, cpu, ram, etc. has always meant a complete re-install of all the operating system and Flight sim programs. This is about a week's work, as my P3D folder is now over 700Gb. This time, however, my software was running fine, so I just threw the SSD back in to the finished PC and let it load up all the drivers for motherboard and other peripherals and I was good to go within about an hour. I also made use of the ORBX Halloween Sale and bought Port Morsbey International (Jacksons) yesterday, absolutely marvellous stuff! Biggest problem turned out to be some of the cockpit associated software that links itself to a hardware ID. I sorted out those issues and now I'm down to one, just waiting on the guys to re-activate that product. All of my hardware worked beautifully on start-up and it was such a relief, not to be sitting there re-installing and re-calibrating weeks of software installs. I had a quick start-up at Brisbane airport and taxied out to 19 and took off. It was fabulous, I'm so pleased with the results. As I finish things off and have it all tweaked and finalised, I'll go back and OC the CPU. I have the 8700k in my house OC'd 35% and it is glorious, so I might start there. I'll probably put together a video on all of the updates in the next few days, so I'll put it up on my youtube channel and also take a few pics to put up here. Thanx for the interest guys and gals, Frank
  12. Thanx Iain, always appreciate your comments, mate. Noel, thanx for the dose of negativity. I also heard that the same was reported for the GTX 1080’s and the 980’s, so we know how that turned out. I also heard that report was put out my AMD??? So, off to put the computer in the sim now. Frank
  13. So, another little update. I have waited patiently for quite a while, for the RTX 2080 ti's to arrive. I had an order in with a very reputable PC parts distributor in Brisbane. I also had an Intel 9900K on order with the same company. Both of these items are scarce as hens teeth at the moment and backorders are piling up daily. So, I talked to my guy at the PC shop and he suggested that I stick with the 8700K for a while, OC the heck out of it and still try to get the 2080ti's. I agreed with him and ordered an Intel 8700K and 32Gb of 3200Ghz RAM for the same price I was going to pay for the I9-9900K. Well, Monday morning, I got up early and scoured the PC sites looking for ti's. I found a distributor on the other side of Brisbane who had them listed...too good to be true, so, I rang them. The woman promised that she could have them in by Tuesday at the latest. I had already shelled out 4500 bucks for the two on order with the first distributor, so I knew that I could get that money back and pay for the new ones, if worst comes to worst. I paid for the second lot, (another 4400 bucks) and then headed off to my first distributors to pick up my CPU, Ram and a liquid cooling system. When I get there, they also bring in the two RTX 2080ti's that I've ordered......Oh, dear! I wasn't willing to miss out on these, as they are Gigabyte OC models, so I took them as well as the other goodies for my build. I then rang the second distributor and asked if they would mind refunding my money, as they would have no problem re-selling those ti's. She refused, quoting that they'd had to order them in special, which was really a crock. I pleaded with her , but to no avail. So, today, when they came into the shop I had to go down and pick them up. I told the witch that I'd already on-sold them and made a packet of money on them. I also asked if she could get me some more, but she was too dumb to see that I was having a lend of her. Needless to say, she has lost a customer and future sales that would have gone with a bit of good will. I've already got the feelers out to on-sell the cards and shouldn't have any issues selling brand new boxed ti's that are rare as hens teeth. The computer build is finished. The Asus Maximus XI Hero Wifi board with the Z390 chipset is a beautiful board full of extra's. The 8700k literally flies with it, excuse the pun! The twin ti's are a dream and as I posted in some of the forums, I've seen a lot of really stupid remarks made about the 2080ti's saying that you don't need anything more than a GTx1070. Well, for the purposes I have, twin ti's will do the job nicely. I've bumped up my sliders to nearly full and P3D is like butter. I was really lucky with Windows 10, not needing a re-install. I just connected my Samsung 2Tb SSD and after updating all of the mobo drivers I was back in business. I did have to re-activate some of my software and scenery. Good old ORBX didn't need anything, it was rock solid. I've buttoned up the PC now and tomorrow I'll be taking her back out to the cockpit and setting back up again. I'd like to be flying again by the weekend! So, from my point of view, 2080ti's are P3D magic. The Asus mobo and the 3200Ghz ram are also great and if by some chance the Intel i9-9900k's arrive in country in the foreseeable future, I can just plonk it straight into that mobo, anyway. I'll follow up with a few pics when I get back up and operating again. That's all for now. Thanx for listening to my ravings, Frank
  14. I'm running Win 10 Pro on all of my rigs. With all of the updates of course. They are all dedicated PC's for the job, nothing else on there, other than 700Gb of scenery. 2018 has been the best year ever for simming, in my opinion. Never seen such quantum leaps of technology. 2019 is gonna be real interesting.... Frank
  15. Hi Guys and Gals. I thought I'd put an update on what's happening at Ozsim International Airlines lately. I jumped on the bandwagon early for the new NVIDIA cards. I ordered two new Asus Rog Strix RTX 2080 ti's for my main PC in the cockpit. That set me back 4 1/2 grand and I thought I'd been real clever getting in early, but due to a severe lack of care about this side of the world, I find myself still waiting for them, a month after putting the order in. I could kick myself, as I've just come back from a vacation in Singapore and Vietnam and I had a chance to buy some in Singapore, but passed up the opportunity, as I didn't want to get messed up with immigration and import duties and such. Anyway, I did have a great vacation with my wife and I also got to meet some of the pilots of the aircraft we flew in. On our return journey, I asked the main steward, very politely, if I could get a photo of the 787 flight deck. He arranged for me to go in after we'd landed and I met the pilot and FO. I showed them my sim and they were blown away by it. I got a whole bunch of pics of the flight deck and in particular the seats, as I am setting up to do a small project on my seats in the sim. I have two beautiful weber seats that I acquired some time ago. They are in fantastic condition and I did some repairs on the j-rail system, just prior to heading off on holidays. I have now come up with an idea to modify the seats to closely resemble the 787 seats with the sculpted back and headrests. It will take a while as I have to do the seat backs from foam, make moulds from them and then manufacture them in fibreglass. The headrests will be very close to the real thing with rotating and telescoping head rests. I'm in the prep stages at the moment and as soon as I come up with my drawings and dimensions, I'll kick into gear and get them started. I've also began another upgrade to the main PC, as well. It's getting a motherboard, cpu, ram and cooler upgrade to the new Intel i9-9900k. I've gone with the Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero Wifi board, 32GB of 3600 RAM and a new Corsair i100i cpu cooler. I picked up the motherboard today, but there is a wait for the cpu at the moment, so I have plenty to keep me busy in the mean time. Also, before I left on my holiday, I mounted the windscreen wipers on the shell. I've been trying to find some time to get that done as I have had the "real" 737-800 wiper blades for some time. They are all mounted and look great, so just another tick in the box for the ongoing evolution of my sim. I have a lot of things happening in the next few months. I want to kick off another Tour of Africa before Xmas. I have friends now coming from England and Europe to fly with me over Xmas, so I need to get it all buttoned up and running ASAP. Well, that's enough of my blithering. I'll try and attach a few pics of the latest updates...we'll see how that goes, Frank
  16. Just took a flight last night in the old 737 from Gisborne, ORBX's newest scenery. These guys just keep raising the bar. Scenery was beautiful, but the thing that stood out was the cars in the car park were highly modelled, unlike some of the blocky competitor modelling. Not that we notice this so much in the sim, but it's that level of quality developing that makes the difference. Great attention to detail, Guys, Hat's Off!!! Oh, and with 10 degrees of flap and full throttle, we just made it off with a half laden 800 NG, Frank
  17. Bloody brilliant, Iain. I hope they give you long service at ORBX, maybe a VIP long service medal...Haha All jokes aside, you've done a great deal for the brand and no doubt appreciated by John and all of the staff. Hope to see and hear your smiling face for many more to come, Iain. Kind Regards, Frank P.S. I just checked and I need one of those medals, too, I been here since 2006!
  18. At about 1.00am tomorrow morning, Australian Eastern Standard Time, Nvidia will unveil the new RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 ti cards. This will be significant for our hobby, as they are the next iteration of the heart of our PC's. Especially important, as P3D shift more and more resources across to our GPU's. The news on the grapevine has it that the lower model, the RTX 2080 will sport 8Gb of DDR5 RAM and the big mother, the RTX 2080 ti will sport 11Gb of DDR6 RAM. Specs are impressive (if they indeed are true), claiming that the 2080 will outperform the current 1080ti by 15 percent and the 2080ti will outperform the current 1080 ti by 20 percent. Those are some big numbers, so let's hope, for the sake of our hobby, that translates to real frames and performance. I have my sights on two of the 2080 ti's for my cockpit and as soon as they hit the shelves, I'll be burning a trail to the PC store. Another fantastic step forward for our great hobby! Frank
  19. Just downloaded KSAN V2 and took it for a test drive. Pretty hard to recognize from the original. The original (which I had no problem flying in and out of) seemed a bit dull and drab, but I've not seen San Diego in real life, so it could be right on point. The update seems much more vibrant and the lighting at night is spectacular. Thanx to Matteo and the Team, Great Work! Frank
  20. Thank You ORBX, KIDA is another gem of an airport. Just took the maiden flight from KIDA Idaho Falls to Sky Harbour Phoenix and it was brilliant. That takes my tally of ORBX airports and regions to nearly 110. That's alright, I still have another 30 or so airports and sceneries to go yet...……. Frank
  21. Thanx Guys, but the truth is they were terrible touch and go's. Neither of them were textbook, actually both were fails. I'm really trying to upgrade my manual flying skills, but you need to have the cockpit flight controls spot on as well, and I think they need a bit of tweaking. I'm setting myself a goal of doing touch and go's for the next few weeks and a lot more hand flying to come to terms with the 800 beast. Frank
  22. I am still running V 4.2 on my cockpit and have no plans to upgrade to 4.3 just yet, maybe later in the year, after I get my new GTX 1180's. Until then, I will continue to use my workaround solution. Frank
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgb9pPPsw6Q&t=11s Frank
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