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  1. Hi, The NZGS scenery looks great, however, the airport is due to undergo major changes in the near future with the discussion plans and model to be dispalyed at the airport shortly. Will Orbx allow a free upgrade to the 'new' NZAGS after the development has been completed? Flyfisher
  2. Bryan, thanks for your reply. I have no idea how the scenery is created by ORBX but if Google Earth was used then I would imagine some of the areas would have had the missing objects. I will try and add the missing objects but if a patch is released in future would my changes disappear as the patch is 'added' ? Ian
  3. Hope this is the rest Tatapouri and 2 of Tolaga Bay
  4. Please could someone explain how I can post the other screen shots as duplicates appear even though the different image is clicked
  5. Sorry didn't realise all screenshots had to be uploaded one at a time Pouawa
  6. Hi, 1)There should be houses on the lower part of the Makorori headland 2) There is a campsite/cabins in the area in and around the loop road at Tatapouri 3) There are tents along the beachfront at Pouawa in summer which is one of the areas where 'free' camping is still permitted 4) The Tolaga Bay wharf ( the longest in NZ ) is missing It would be excellent to see these corrected.
  7. Hi, I am wondering if you intend to release a patch for NZ North Island to correct the errors in the scenery? If so, to whom should one point out the errors to? It would be nice to make good scenery for VFR flights even better.
  8. Tim, Sorry about that I found the instructions and video quite confusing and thought I had done it correctly. There are several other errors I have spotted and would be very glad to give you the details so that when a patch is released as was for the Sth Island they can be corrected. cheers, Ian
  9. Just like to say what excellent scenery it is, however, there are some errors around Gisborne. The biggest is a 'cliff' between the airport and the Port S38° 40.31 E 178° 0.08. The land above the hightide level is very flat and not elevated to the degree shown in the scenery. Also there are houses and summer homes on the Makorori hill further up the coast just north of Gisborne and also a campground at Tatapouri with cabins on the other side of the hill. Ian
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