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  1. yes, it also happens here few hours ago. No access to forum
  2. Hi All, just a compliment, It is really a good ideas by FSS to reminds it customers about buying the same product a 2nd time during check out however my new address hasn't been updated yet. the changes was made recently in my 1st purchases for this May Sale 2016. Please kindly take note. Thank you orbx for the wonderful scenery and sales. regards... ricky1088
  3. never mind , I found a post or 2 here which could help. and thanks.
  4. Gentleman, after a reinstall of vector , running auto configuration grumble it cannot create a file when that file already exist. but no files remain open . I need help, please. ricky1088
  5. After all the editing , it refuses to save ,want to be law abiding citizen here. cheers ricky1088
  6. Hi VPMC, Been born in a multi-racial country, a sentence ,we speak sometime consist of a few languages, so it is, Selamat datang di Singapura, æ­¡è¿Žä¾†åˆ°æ–°åŠ å¡ , Welcome to Singapore, etc.... and if you do fly here, don't blink eyes or you may just find yourself fast in our neighbour airspace. Certainly, That's for laugh and hopes this cheers everyone reading this post.
  7. dl your files and there really a need to say SUPER THANK YOU for the hard work
  8. For me, Farm area , flat terrain, Could someone pls name a few airports to start with Yesterday, after the installed, I quickly took a test flight, Just random pick a airport by the sea, can't remember which, but I should say the orange clay ground mixed with grass and of course, FTX TREES , a combine of all , looks great
  9. Join in the celebration, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOSS, yes, all the best
  10. same here, it happened since last night affecting only the forum Tab.
  11. Thanks for the list of mountains/hill in the UK. I from Asia, you know what I mean, that is going to be helpful as I especially like to fly in mountains / hill coastal etc.. For this sales, bought Norway and Trees and 2 more in mind b4 end of month, Monument and KPSP I owe close to 97% of ORBX sceneries, most of which are bought during the sales month. Thanks to the DEVELOPER for your generosity.
  12. Hello, G'days World and everyone here Want to buy trees and EU Norway region . I am with FTX central ver.2. Am I correct to say point both products to GLOBAL region for the install part Thank you ricky1088
  13. Thanks Ben for the infor, so far , for this sales, bought 8 and is now close to a complete lot of ORBX sceneries. Most of which are bought during the holiday festival. Thanks again to ORBX and the Teams for your generosity . ricky1088
  14. Thanks Tim for the response but I miss out 1 important word, I mean the install, FTX central to NA or Global as it is a global airport and in NA , I think , correct me if I am wrong
  15. Thank you ORBX Team for the Year End Sales Times really fly and is end of the year again, need to buy a few sceneries, however need an answer to this airport ,NA PI AYPY Jackson International FTX Central switch to NA Region or Global ricky1088
  16. +1 It help simmer whose are from other country to explore beautifully sceneries by Orbx
  17. The 6% things to me can be regard as part of fsx startup things with those bunch of scenery and I usually remain patience and by the time it finish off is about 3 minute later. sometime,The switching of scenery from default to Orbx land , it just hang there for about 3 minute , unsure whether it is changing scenery or the hang thing click another time, the loading page grey out and then you have to do Alt Ctrl +Delete and end task. weired, and from there FSX immediate auto restart without a problem and the loading scenery part also seem a little faster. ricky1088
  18. Edit , Sorry I was in a hurry, The title should read, "Vector installer can't find backup.dat files" This was once mentioned before in the forum here, the post title should be more specific. Mod please kindly change post heading. ricky1088
  19. Hi Support Do I still need the patches after the install version Global vector 1.20 At end of the above installation, the installer says it could not find file: F:\FSX\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\backup.dat Quit or Continue, I continue, then FSX act like as is nothing wrong The question here is : Is my installation of VECTOR complete ricky1088
  20. Hi Stu, Thanks for the kind words. Yes I am all prepare for the worst.....i.e. a reinstall but the question is I have close to 90% of orbx stuffs, and that's big, not counting scenery from other developer, like aircrafts. lights etc.. Its really going to take up a lot of time but that's the way, be a man , end of the day, things should be up and running just like any of our friends here. You take care, Cheers ricky1088
  21. Hi Stu, update, Over at Rex, the teams are giving me their support and see it as a shader issue, yes I did install sweetfx recently but it didn't work, on start up, FSX grumbles, but I can't remember the message text. thereafter I complete took out the 7 files and things seem back to normal, never know all of a sudden while switching texture , it suddenly act up. assume that is the case, any ideas what files to put in fsx. ricky1088
  22. Hi Stu, Thanks for the fast response, I had follow your instruct to the last letter, and this is what I get. Does it match . Here at og39 long view ranch. It rain heavily there. I am using rex real weather. Sorry , images upload twice failed, will continue tomorrow night after work. It 's early in the morning here and I am still up, need to catch some sleep. wish tomorrow is a holiday but NO, have to work, Your take care, all dear friends here ricky1088
  23. Hello all friends I need some helps. I had a Pc crash while rex was loading a dawn texture set , as a result, I am stuck with a awful bright orange sets of texture affecting dusk and night as well and is sticky, whether I start fsx with or without rex any ideas how to put things right. I do have fsx files backup in an external drive ricky1088
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