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  1. Having grown up in Cape Town, I wanted to say thank you for your impressive efforts in bringing the 'Mother City' to life as you have. I for one appreciate the effort and time this must have taken so my suggestion that follows is done with respect for that and those involved. Cape Town has some incredible natural scenery especially the mountains and peaks that the city is built around. For example 'Devils Peak' is one. Likewise, Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles are done very well in your scenery. Cape Town is also known for the impressive and famous 'Lions Head' used for it's hiking trails to the summit and interestingly it's slopes act as a launch site for paragliders. Here is the thing though. It's impressive and stands tall at 669 metres or 2,195 feet above sea level. It also literally looks like a Lion (with a huge mane) at rest looking out over Table Bay towards Robben Island when viewed from certain angles. Lion's Head (Cape Town) - Wikipedia With that in mind, is there a chance that a little bit of love could be given to Lions Head in a future update. There are some great examples of what is possible and I have provided a link to one of these which demonstrates what can be achieved and I hope neither you nor Emile mind me linking to his work. Lion's Head Cape Town ยป Microsoft Flight Simulator Thanks again for your wonderful work with Cape Town and for also considering my input.
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