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  1. Found a screenshot with coordinates, it's Tipella!
  2. I've been wracking my brain trying to remember seaplane base in either the yukon, PNW or Alaska that features a ramp leading out of the water and up into a hangar sitting on pilings! Can anyone help me out before I go nuts! It came out around the same time as another SPB that had a logging raft area in it. Thanks for any help
  3. Glad to finally see some local love! South Carolina looking better than ever, can't wait to get home and see if my install is done!
  4. Yaa-freaking-hoo!!!! Think there will be several severe cases of flu popping up in our community next week..."*cough* yeah, I'm still feeling pretty bad, I might be able to come in tomorrow *hack*"
  5. A few from an evening run from Charleston to Hot Springs VA.
  6. Glad things have gotten better for you! Wishing you a speedy recovery, but don't rush things, relax your way back to health.
  7. That is a great bit of news and more than outweighs any extra time being needed! Happy dancing like no one is watching.....
  8. Kelly's Heroes is one of my all time favorites, a true classic. Saying that, Fury, which is fairly new, is a fantastic picture that rates up there with Saving Private Ryan as a more modern made war movie destined to become a classic.
  9. I tend to lean towards Russell's Reserve 10 year old bourbon.
  10. I am more than sure it will be WELL worth it!
  11. Nice set! I guess I need to go into WIR and change your car by the cabins
  12. Very nice set of shots. Bring that money in!
  13. Just so there is no confusion or question, the final screen shot has a place holder object for Ft. Sumter that is NOT what will be in any updates for release. We do not have the OK to use it and apologize for any confusion or bad feelings.. As soon as possible, we will have the shot deleted.
  14. I keep waiting to see John Wayne leading a cavalry column off in the distance!
  15. Merry Christmas to all of our ORBX friends and fellow fanatics from the the seaside HQ of SAC...fly 'em high and don't forget to drop the wheels!
  16. The sign crew hasn't gotten there yet? Got to make it look good for when we're flying in the Rich and Famous' cars from the east coast for the season..... Got a Ferrari ferry from Hilton Head in the works.
  17. "I don't know anything, I was in the backseat singin'!"
  18. Beautiful set of shots....absolutely love the Albatross!
  19. Yes, yes, oh my yes! Such a wealth of Orbx goodness over the past few weeks!
  20. Great set of shots....now we need to keep her airborne to pay off that check!
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