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  1. My love of aviation was born from Van Nuys Airport... at age 6 I'd stand in the observation area and watch planes takeoff and land, and would later look down at the observation area while taking off from 16L on my first solo. Absolutely can't wait! Looks just about perfect. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned in the announcement, but if anyone hasn't watched the film One Six Right, it is the best film about aviation I have ever watched. Stunning movie that played a key role in my love of aviation.
  2. I second this entirely. I fell in love with PNW flying in the sim through Orbx, specifically with Orcas Island. I had the immense pleasure of flying here myself in the real world, followed shortly after by the release of this scenery for MSFS. I was a bit surprised at the number of markings inaccuracies, and it seemed very un-Orbx. I still love the area and the airport but would love to see an update to this classic scenery!
  3. Hello! First of all I am echoing the performance issue topics I have seen already posted. Major frame hit in a way that just doesn't add up to me. Secondly, I have noticed that the runway signage is reversed. The signage pointing to runway 33 actually leads to runway 15, etc. Thanks so much.
  4. Hello everyone! I haven't posted here in years, I believe the last time it was for my first solo flight many years ago... I just wanted to extend a huge that you to the team at Orbx and this community here for furthering my passion for aviation, and I thought I'd share a little story about where it has taken me thus far. The character and natural beauty of your Orcas Island scenery always spoke to me. Exploring this airport and the surrounding islands while making a short FSX video when I was around 12 years old solidified it as my favorite airport in flight simulator, and one I dreamed I could one day fly to in real life. Over the past couple months I have been in Seattle, I have had the immense pleasure of flying myself into Orcas Island Airport, and it is just as special in person as you made it appear in the simulator. Picturesque mountains and beautiful water, a charming airport and town... it was just perfect. It was additionally special as it was the first flight with my dad as a passenger. Darrington is next on the list, but that's a bit trickier to get into without some mountain training (and perhaps a more capable airplane) Again, thank you all for helping inspire my passion for aviation.
  5. Just under a week ago I took my first solo flight... A truly unforgettable experience. I've spent countless hours browsing this forum over the years, and it helped so much in fostering my love for aviation. On this flight, I just did three full stop landings at Van Nuys airport. Not my finest landings, but that didn't change how special that day was. I'll never forget it. My dad was working at Microsoft in the late 90s/early 2000s and got me FS2002 when I was just around four years old. Through Flight sim, RC flying, along with the film One Six Right (if you haven't seen it, I can't recommend it enough!), I kept my love for airplanes alive. Now I'm 17 and hopefully will get my PPL in the coming months. This is so surreal. Can't wait to see what role aviation plays in my life.
  6. Thanks everyone! And yes it is, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh pictures were taken at Orcas Island Airport.
  7. Here are some pictures of the trip! N50KA @ Friday Harbor Seaplane Base Finally, N900KA @ Rosario Resort: AND a bonus shot from the following day's airshow @ KPAE!!
  8. Hey everyone! So, this past week I was up in Seattle, and my best friend and I, who are both student pilots as well as flight sim fanatics, decided to take a quick day trip through the San Juan islands. We have been fans of ORBX airports and sceneries for the last 5 years or so, and I couldn't wait to explore the default starting location for FSX and my personal favorite airport that ORBX has recreated, KORS. Our trip began at the Kenmore Air seaplane base on Lake Union, where a DeHavilland Canada DHC3 Turbine Otter was awaiting passengers to Friday Harbor. The aircraft was beautiful, N50KA, the special KING news colors for Kenmore. After a quick preflight check, my best friend Nick was sitting right seat and the turboprop was starting up. In no time, we were up in the air, and due to low morning clouds, we had to maintain 500 feet for the duration of the flight, which was great for the scenic view of the islands. 45 minutes later, we were on approach and touched down gently on the water. in no time we were docked, and Nick and I made sure to stay after for ten or fifteen minutes to explore the aircraft before it's turnaround. After we disembarked, we took the twenty minute walk to KFHR, Friday Harbor's airport. It was quiet, and sadly the restaurant was closed, but still it was fun to see the aircraft parked on the ramp. After a few hours of biking and exploring San Juan Island, we headed to Orcas Island via ferry! The quick ferry ride to Orcas was amazingly scenic, and I can clearly see why ORBX chose to recreate this beautiful landscape for FSX. FullTerrain really captures the serene beauty of those islands, but it's even more breathtaking in person, more then I ever could have imagined. Also, on a little side note, I live in Los Angeles (but am from Seattle), so this area was a huge change from the busy Van Nuys airport where I'm used to flying the Cessna 172 I fly out of, and it was an experience I recommend to anyone, aviation nut or not, if they happen to be in the area. Anyway, back to Orcas. We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time on the island, but I knew we had time to do one thing, and that was look at the Orcas Island airport. We took a cab there and when we got there, the beautiful Travel Air 4000 biplane was getting ready for a flight. With small Cessnas flying in and out, I was surprised at how busy it was on the friday afternoon! The biplane was a real treat to get to see, and the terminal building as well as literally every single other aspect of the ORBX scenery flawlessly represents the actual airport. I was really pleased to see how faithful the developers were to the airport they were modeling, the did justice to it as well as the stunning scenery that surrounds it. Afterwards, we headed to the Rosario Resort for our seaplane ride back to Lake Union in Seattle. The seaplane base in real like is much less trafficked in real life than it appears in FSX. In fact, the dock that has passengers on it in FSX is not the dock used by seaplanes anymore, it's now a tiny unmarked dock right near it. We had been told to wait there, but became somewhat skeptical after waiting for 35 minutes with no signage, kenmore air markings, or even anything that mentioned seaplanes! But after waiting five more minutes, we heard a loud roar in the distance and some faint pulsating landing lights coming into the bay. After shutting down it's engine and floating peacefully to the dock, I was stunned by the beauty of the airplane sitting in front of me. A newly repainted, 1967 DeHavilland Canada DHC2 Beaver, N900KA. It was just me, Nick, and another man (who happened to be a pilot as well!) as passengers, so we hopped in, were given our earplugs, and the captain started up the massive radial and we took to the skies! I was sitting up front with the pilot, so my view of the instruments and procedures for flying a float plane was perfect. As I said before, I fly a 2005 Cessna 172SP (N1882S) and it has a G1000 installed, so seeing a plane full of steam gauges with a massive roaring radial engine up front was a wonderful change of pace. It was nearly sunset as we approached Seattle, and though I was sad the the trip was over, it was such a wonderful experience to have had, and I've gained a whole new appreciation for that part of the world as well as it's ORBX counterpart! Best regards, Sam Cordell
  9. Alabeo's Cessna C195 ready to taxi at Anacortes, about to make her way to Orcas Island.
  10. Thank you! The new lighting model in V2 is really impressive, especially at night
  11. A quick flight in Prepar3D v2 out of KVNY in the Carenado Beechcraft Baron over the lit up San Fernando Valley - looks great with FTX Global!
  12. Great shots! I'm loving that volumetric fog, it really adds a ton of depth and realism to the sim!
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