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  1. That first photo looks strangely familiar. Thanks for taking the time help validate this issue.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to look at this. I took out the 172 from your example and still see the same problem. I don't know what "Navigraph navdata" is (total noob). Is that what comes in MSFS?
  3. Thanks for the follow up. Just for fun, I fired up an ancient copy of P3D and the 167 final lined up perfectly. I know that's not a real data point but it might indicate this is more of an MSFS thing than an FAA thing. I guess I could call KTIW and ask if people are constantly crashing on the west side of the field when it's IMC.
  4. Having trouble at KTIW in MSFS. The ILS 17 final approach course does not seem to be aligned with the runway. Using the skyvector FAC of 167 I'm coming in offset to the west. I assume it's operator error but it happens in multiple airplanes at KTIW and not right across the street at KSEA.
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