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  1. I installed Chase Plane and verified the files, but when it comes to programing an aircraft, a Majestic Dash-8 and a default plane, the keys or buttons I assign don't work. The camera controls don't work. I un-installed then re-installed with the firewall off and entered Chase Plane as an exception in the Defender Fire Wall. I'm using Windows 11 and Prepared v4.
  2. I use the Scenery Config.Editor. I need to know where to place the Orbx Scenery. As you know if not done correctly, it will not look right in the sim. I've looked everywhere but can't find the guidelines. Can someone show the proper layering of scenery in the Scenery Config. Editor If you can use the names of the Orbx Products ex. FTX PAEN, Vector, FTX SAK, Dreamteam, to make it easier to grasp, instead of saying something like airports, general regions, etc. Thank you
  3. I noticed in my Scenery Configurator red triangles next to the Orbx Scenery. I opened Orbx Central and tried verifying each scenery that I own. Each time I tried verifying the files a pop-up said that I do not own that scenery. How can this be fixed? thank you
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