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  1. Okay...was hoping for better performance still the massive freeze when approaching Frankfurt City with the Orbx Add-On...
  2. @pezi sorry for the ping but is it maybe better to install the file not into the community folder rather into the Orbx Folder which is being connected to the community folder... Thanks
  3. Hi Peter, no...its the only mod for Frankfurt...I noticed that the 10 sec freeze is somehow coming from loading the mod.... I did notice this when I spawn at EDDF, the loading screen takes longer than at other airports....meaning when I approach the city the loading of the mod makes it freeze...making it unflyable...sadly
  4. Hi @pezi I noticed that the frames are getting quite low...but having a freeze of 10-15 seconds no. Only since the city pack is installed... THanks for the answer btw
  5. Hi guys, I bought the Frankfurt city pack, but since then the sim always freezes for like 10 seconds when I come closer to Frankfurt....I tried it out with couple of different aircraft and it is always happening....I did deinstall it and reinstalled it, nothing changed...it wouldn't be nice to have these freezes every time I appraoch Frankfurt Airport...can someone help me please with this...I tried to research this but no one had the issue somehow... Thanks beforehand guys :)
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