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  1. Thanks for the tip! If there really isn't any solution for fixing the problem, then I guess I might give My Traffic a shot.
  2. I recently purchased and installed the Orbx BASE Pack, as well as all the Global openLC products, the Global Buildings package and the Global Trees package to my FSX:SE installation. However, after installing the products I began experiencing numerous CTDs. Almost every flight I attempted ended in a CTD, usually at, or near, the departure or arrival airport. After som analyses of the crash reports, I was able to discover that the crashes were caused by an ai_player.dll error. As such, I immediately suspected that the problem could be caused by a compatibility issue between the Orbx packages and Traffic 360, which I use for AI Traffic. Sure enough, I discovered that when I uninstalled Traffic 360, the problem went away. Interestingly, the problem also goes away if I lower the AI traffic density to below 30 %. Before I installed the Orbx products, I was able to run Traffic 360 with 100 % traffic density without any probems at all. After some more testing I discovered that even with just the Orbx Base Pack installed, the same CTDs occur. This makes me suspect that the problem is not caused by lack of memory, or by pushing my system too hard, as I understand that when I just use the Orbx Base Pack, and no other Orbx products, the difference in memory consumption should be minimal. So I suspect that there might be some general compatibility issues between the Orbx products and Traffic 360. I therefore wondered if this is a familiar problem, and if anyone knows if there is a possible fix for this. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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