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  1. Hi Guys, I have a resolution from FSimStudios: Hi Jonathan, The file attached is missing from your system. Just drop it on the Calgary/Scenery folder. Best Regards, FSimStudios Support. I have attached the .BGL for you Cheers, Jon UTX_CVX.bgl
  2. Hi Guys I have just put in a support ticket with FSimStudios, I’ll post the reply when I get it. Cheers jon
  3. Hi Doug, i haven’t tried FSimStudios yet. They don’t have a forum so will throw in a support ticket. I’ll let you know what they say. thanks again for your help. I turned off the NRM CYYC SimObjects. I have to turn my traffic setting to zero to get rid of the traffic on Barlow Trail. (I’m renaming it Bravo Trail!) Problem is that is global in the sim. Cheers, Jon
  4. Hi Doug, I checked the NRM control panel and the new night lights were checked. Interesting though I unchecked the night lights and reloaded CYYC. The street lights had gone off. This makes me think it is a conflict between NRM and FSimStudios CYYC. There must be road traffic files in NRM that can be switched off or removed. I see traffic files but there are many of them. Cheers, Jon
  5. Hi Stewart, If your CYYC doesn't have issues like in the picturebelow, you shouldn't need to turn off or remove the two files. Removing these files should cure the issue should you have it. ADE_FTX_NRM_CYYC_Calgary_Intl ADE_FTX_NRM_CYYC_Calgary_Intl_CVX They are not snow banks! Cheers, Jon
  6. Hi Doug, I have tried what you suggested and still the same thing. Had to remove the 2 files again of course. I am thinking it must be part of the original P3D scenery but I have no clue how to figure out the area numbers. Thanks again for taking a look. cheers, Jon. Stewart, if I find an answer I will let you know
  7. Hi Doug, Thanks for taking a look at this for me. Really appreciated. I know before the new runway was added in CYYC there was actually a road where Taxiway Bravo now is. I travelled it many times. I have noticed also at night time there is a row of street lights extending down Bravo. I have attached the files you requested. Cheers, Jon add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml
  8. I have installed FSimStudios Calgary (CYYC) Scenery. In the description in store it says a few tweaks needed to Orbx NRM. I have Orbx NRM running on P3Dv4 but can't find the "tweaks" listed mentioned listed anywhere. I have turned off a couple of the NRM CYYC BGL files which has removed most of my issues. I have turned off the following files to make FSimStudios CYYC work with Orbx NRM ADE_FTX_NRM_CYYC_Calgary_Intl ADE_FTX_NRM_CYYC_Calgary_Intl_CVX However I still have cars and trucks driving up and down taxiway Bravo. Does anyone know what I have to do to remove this traffic? Cheers, Jon B
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