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  1. I only run x plane in 1080p. I will try turning aa to 2x as I do run 4x.they do say if you have a 4k monitor which I do then there is no need to go above 2x anyways so maybe I'll try it. The fps issue I have at East midland is only the terminal side. If say I do wing view terminal side I'm getting as low as 10fps, but if go to cockpit view I get 30?fps and wing view opposite side I get 40+fps.it just seems to be that terminal side which is strange. I also have Orbx cardiff which is my favourite airport and I get a solid 40+ fps there pretty much max settings.
  2. Thanks for that Jon. Hopefully once vulkan is in full release there will be an update from Orbx for this airport. My true earth south and Orbx cardiff run lovely in beta.
  3. I am also having issues. I'm running 9600k at 5.1ghz, 32gb 3200mhz ram and Aorus 2060 super. I usually average between 45-55 on high settings around Orbx true earth south and Orbx cardiff. I purchased Orbx east midlands last night and its unplayable. What I noticed it from cockpit I get 30fps, wing view not on the terminal side 30-40fps but if I do wing view on the terminal side then it drops to as low as 10 fps. Surely this is a bug? I'm also running vulkan and the latest b9
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