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  1. I use Xorganizer - don't recall seeing this before. Only seems to be an issue on the coastline North East of EGPL Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Anyway I can do this other than going into overlay editor? Thanks
  3. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/67463-png-airfields-series-1/ I am using this scenery pack - the trees intrude onto the runway a lot on the smaller strips, is there anyway I can stop terraflora from creating trees on these specific sceneries? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your help and putting up with my stupid questions - got one final one. The above is Terraflora right? Just asking as I see a mix of tree colours. Will disabling X-Europe forests still give me the vineyards etc in the areas that it covers? Does the X-Europe Forests addon dictate where various forests should be placed, or is it an addon that adds trees to these forests? Also, I think the SimHeaven vegetation library may be placing trees here. Thanks
  5. Thanks! Just a quick question, what is the impact on having Terraflora below X-Europe? Will X-Europe show its own stuff in areas that it covers, and then Terraflora elsewhere?
  6. Is having it like so okay? I am wondering if I should disable the XEurope forests - what will this change? Thank you!
  7. I have attached my scenery pack order - I am worried that terraflora is not functional. Could someone tell me if it is working or not? Forests in Canada look like this. Thanks scenery_packs.ini
  8. Hi all, Have the full Orbx TE pack and love it. However, EGLF has a bumpy stopway on 24, and a bumpy area in front of 06. Anyone know how I can fix this without stopping runways following terrain contours? Thanks!
  9. Hi all, my log shows simheaven to still be loading - Orbx is above it in the scenery pack. should i be worried about this? I am worried that simheaven is showing through Orbx. This is near Inverness. Is there anyway I can check if Simheaven is leaking through?
  10. Hello, I have both installed. So xOrganizer will take care of this for me, and all I need to worry about is moving the Orbxlibs to the top of libraries? Thanks
  11. Hi all, Terraflora makes the tropics look pretty bad - seeing trees you would expect in Norway is somewhat odd when you are in the Caribbean. Would be very nice if palm trees were included, and more exotic trees - this goes for Africa too. Thanks
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