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  1. That was pretty cool to read! My first memory of Flight Sim was probably in 1995 and the graphics weren't too great. But it was super fun to control a plane with the keyboard! LOL. I have been in and out of Flight Simming since and still wrestle with committing the time that's necessary to have an enjoyable experience and be fluid in the cockpit. Always love coming back to certain sights and seeing what is new in this world though. Congrats on the success and the awesome products.

  2. Cool. I may do that. I just ordered the ProSimu T1000 3 Motion and plan on using it for racing and flying. Should be pretty awesome flying with it. Has Hotas Warthog supports also. 3rd range of motion is traction loss/rudder. I'll do a review and thread on it once I receive it. I fly in p3d and DCS. Happy flying



  3. Hey everyone! I'm looking for any first hand knowledge or experience flying in P3D using a motion rig. Looking into the Prosimu 3 Motion rig. I sim race and also fly. Any opinions or thought are appreciated! Thanks


  4. Awesome video! It's amazing what we are capable of. Love NASA! 


    On ‎2‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 10:26 PM, Sniper31 said:

    Well, for the 28 years that I have been in the military (mostly in the mighty 101st), we have never once had our gear weighed getting on a helicopter. When it comes to deployment flights, they will weigh our extra baggage that gets palletized (basically they just weigh the pallet) but they don't weigh all of our gear and weaponry that we carry on. And trust me, we carry much more than the average traveler with a 70lb suitcase. The typical modern day combat soldier carries over 150 lbs of weapons and equipment on them.


    Thanks for your service Sniper, not sure if I could walk around w/ 150lbs on me for more than a few minutes.. LOL. Glad people like you can!

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