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  1. Before continuing further north from Valencia, a little escape to the Balearic Islands (Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza) with some shots from Majorca (Palma), the biggest of the 3 islands and the number 1 mediterranean sea holiday destination. Have a nice week !
  2. Last leg of the week going further north along the Spanish mediterranean east cost, from Almeria to Valencia via Alicante. Nice impression of the dry landcapes mixed with the emerald waters. Thanks for watching. Have a nice weekend.
  3. Agree with you Gerold, some areas are less detailed in particular this one. However, in the reality, this is quite a semi-desertic landscape. Have a nice day. Patrick
  4. After 2 days of crossing the hot and dry center of Spain, let's fly between the Costa del Sol and the montains of the Sierra Nevada, Andalusia, from Gibraltar to Almeria. Thanks for watching !
  5. Dear Stillwater, Many thanks for your comments. I am using nextmesh 4,5 meter europe and france in FSX, but in P3D (like these tour pictures) I am using the standard FS Global and nothing else except orbx products. For the texture sharpness, I made a lot of testing and it appears that the combination of texturequality=6 and using an afinity mask at 243 produces very neat and sharp results, and more important no bluries at all, even with all graphics maxed. Tessilation factor at max is also important for the mesh quality. However what is true for my PC might not necessarily work on other. Other users like Filou do not tweak at all their system and have outstanding graphic. Try at least the texture quality 6 and the AM243 and you might see a big improvement graphically speaking. Have a nice day. Patrick, Geneva
  6. Another day crossing the desertic central Spain sierras on our way from Madrid to Gibraltar, home of the "people of the rock". On slide number 9, you will see the nearby Moroccan coast behind the rock. Let's start with a take off southbound from runway 18L in Madrid Barajas, one of the biggest airport in Europe. Hope you will enjoy !
  7. After the cool continental climate of the Portuguese coast, its now time to cross the semi-desertic sierras of center Spain on our way to Madrid. You have to fly at 8000-9000fts to pass over some montains in the center and the ground level in Madrid is between 2000-2500fts. On shote 9, you will see the mitic Santiago Bernabeu stadium on the right, home of the Real Madrid football team and the Madrid's leaning blue towers on the left . Thanks for watching !
  8. Many thanks for your comments, Lisbon is a nice a very charming city and the aircraft is the native Baron.
  9. Since a long time, I wanted to discover most of OpenLC Europe textures with a complete tour all along Europe. Let's starts this morning with a trip on the Portugal Atlantic coast between the country two major cities, Lisbon, the capital, and Porto. Hope you will enjoy !
  10. 35000 posts and as many beautiful shots...congratulations !
  11. Super set Gerold, I like the A320 logo.
  12. One of the place where you really got the feeling of a complete immersion in the scenery is when you cross Sicilly inland from Palermo to Catania, the OpenLC textures there are so rich, detailed and various, the landscape is never flat with an endless succession of hills and montains. Look at the details of the fields, realistic dirt, even a fence around a little way (slide 10), look at the last slides with the special 3D feeling when looking the fields below.These guys working on those textures are real artists ! Thanks for watching !
  13. For Michael and TeeCee, I am very pleased that these settings have brought improvements in your graphics and smoothness of the sim. TeeCee, for the HDR issue, I would suggest you contact the P3D support forum unless someone here has an idea on what could impact. Have a nice day. Patrick
  14. Crossing Cape Corse, bound for Nice after a smooth take off from Bastia. Cheers, Patrick
  15. Magic shots Ken, I did like you, starting for years with airliners but with these beautiful ORBX textures, I cannot resist to IFR.
  16. Good your point Ripcord. I am not an expert as well I just try to make my sim run smoother as possible. But I can tell you that I have seen a huge improvement in visuals, without changing any games settings, since I have increased the texture quality to 6 (cannot be achieved in game) and the affinity mask to 243. Purpose of this post was just to share some shots and not to provide recommendations for which I am not qualified. I am just answering on some members questions regarding my settings and its fair to share our experiences through this forum . Cheers. Patrick
  17. You are perfectly right Torchy, but, according to my experience, I dont need to tweak P3D to make it work in a decent way, but definitely needed if you want the best graphics.
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