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  1. Russ, it seems the reference point of your models changed or there was an updated PLC that didn't make it into the patch build. The GP and buildings are there, they are just appearing 30m below ground level. You can open PLC_CZST.bgl with IS2 and raise it up about 30m and everything emerges from the ground. The PLC after installing the patch is dated 2012 so I assume that's the v1.0 file, did you have a new one that was supposed to be included in this patch by chance? Jim
  2. I've been a licensed aircraft mechanic since 1985 and a private pilot since 1986 so weight and balance is not something new to me. The first time I added a virtual ferry tank to a flight simulator aircraft was in 2005 for a flight from the mainland to Honolulu in an ATR-42. I'm not sure where the assumption comes from that I have not done my homework on this but that seems to be the case. I replied because "ferry fuel" in the title piqued my interest and having experience with simulating this in the past I simply shared how I'd done it. At any rate, I will certainly stay out of these types of threads in the future. Have a great day gents. Jim
  3. You moved the tank rearward 5 feet from where I had it, from -18 to -23.2 feet? Why is 5 feet aft better? How does that have a less detrimental effect on the flight model? The empty weight CG is at -18 which is why I put the tank there (that and because that's also where the wing tanks are located). Where you have it you're putting 1150 lbs of fuel 5 feet behind the CG which the Caravan can probably handle, but your going to be tail heavy on takeoff with full fuel and the CG will creep forward slowly as you burn off fuel. BTW if you don't like the Caravan's FDE replace it with Bernt Stolle's version. Go to Carenado's site, click on "Updates", then scroll down till you find "C208 FSX - Optional Patch", install it.
  4. I think it depends on which browser you're using, I don't get a paste option on my right click menu most times either, be it here at Orbx or over at Avsim which uses the same forum software. You should be able to paste with Ctrl+V on your keyboard when that happens, otherwise hit the little light switch icon in the upper left corner of the posting field to toggle to basic mode and your right click paste option should return. Jim
  5. Can you explain these "modeling constraints"? I added a virtual tank, basically on the the aircraft's lateral centerline and 6" forward of the 2nd row of passenger seats. I'm interested to know "what I did wrong" in your opinion because I tested this in the sim and it simply adds a 3rd tank in the payload editor that you can fill with 165 gallons of fuel. Frankly swapping people for fuel in the payload editor mid-flight seems a bit inelegant to me by comparison, but then maybe you know something I don't?
  6. You can add a tank in the aircraft.cfg, not sure about getting 1800nm of range out of her though without going over gross weight. With just a pilot and nothing else you have room for roughly 165 gallons of extra fuel according to the payload manager. You can modify the [fuel] section of the aircraft.cfg like this: Default Carenado C208B: [fuel] LeftMain = -18.0, -4.0, 3.0, 166.5, 1.5 RightMain = -18.0, 4.0, 3.0, 166.5, 1.5 fuel_type = 2 number_of_tank_selectors = 1 electric_pump=1 Change it to this: [fuel] //Tanks Position and capacity: //Longitudinal (feet), Lateral (feet), Vertical (feet), Usable(gallons), Unusable (gallons) LeftMain = -18.0, -4.0, 3.0, 166.5, 1.5 RightMain = -18.0, 4.0, 3.0, 166.5, 1.5 Center1 = -18.0, 0.0, 0.0, 165.00, 1.5 fuel_type = 2 number_of_tank_selectors = 1 electric_pump=1 I added the first two lines with the double slashes so you could tell what the numbers mean, those two lines don't actually need to be there. That puts an extra 165 gallon tank in the aft cabin just under the wings and right behind the pilot. The "165.00" is the capacity. With just a 180 lb pilot and all tanks full it puts you 4 lbs under gross weight. You can probably get away with being a couple hundred pounds over gross on a ferry flight, if you changed that number to 200 you'd be 231 lbs over gross on takeoff with just a 180 lb pilot on board. They get special one-time ferry permits to do this sort of thing in the real world and I doubt 231 lbs over gross would be unrealistic, they'd require smooth air conditions and no passengers probably. Not sure if that would give you an 1800 nm range but it might if you manage power economically. Jim
  7. Sounds like the ole .dds flip-a-roo to me. Don't know how you're saving your textures but to go from .dds to .bmp (for editing etc.) you need to flip the image and alpha vertically, likewise going from .bmp to .dds - same thing. In DXTBmp there's a menu item for "Flip image and alpha", if you use Imagetool it does it for you automatically. I'd suggest PhotoShop and save your work as a .psd. Imagetool can open a .psd, you can use Image > Format and then choose DXT1 or DXT5 depending on your alpha channel (basically use DXT5 if you have alpha, DXT1 if not). If you want mips use Image > Create mip maps, then save it in the aircraft texture folder as "whatever.dds". The flipping gets handled automatically. The .psd remains intact with layers and everything so you can open it back up in PhotoShop for further editing. Imagetool here if you don't have a copy already: http://cat-tamer.com/flightsim/downloads/imagetool.zip Jim
  8. Tons of repaints available over on the A2A forums Milo. Might as well download a few while you're learning PS. I think this is the mother lode: http://www.a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=35802 My favorite so far, I haven't even seen all that are available: http://www.a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=36404 Somebody did some pretty good interior repaints too, they're in the first link somewhere. Jim
  9. I have it and the 1.6 accusim update running in P3D2, I haven't flown it extensively since the patch but I did do a couple hops around the pattern. It seemed to me everything was fine. Hope you get it sorted, it's a great sim plane
  10. My next project is to get everything working in P3D2 the way it was in FSX, lol. I have a KBHB Bar Harbor, Maine project pretty well underway for FTX Global although it's not an official Orbx project yet. It's more like a micro region with more focus on accurate shorelines and islands, landclass, roads, vehicle traffic, etc. over a fairly large coverage area and includes a couple other small enhanced strips. Somewhat less focus on the airport detail itself since I have very few photos. It uses a lot of commercial imagery, it may not even be feasible due to the cost. It's been dormant for a while with P3D2 and all. No promises just yet .
  11. cpspok, you're "popular" and photobucket is limiting your screenshot bandwidth. The screenshot is not showing up (and photobucket sucks as a rule anyway), have a look at this thread for an alternative: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/38447-how-to-post-a-screenshot-on-the-orbx-forums/
  12. Ive added it to the afcad already Tym, it was be incorporated into a patch but now the patch will become a complete re-release for FSX/P3D1.4/P3D2 and that may be a while. In the meantime you may as well have the updated afcad so just unzip this to your ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_65S\Scenery folder and allow it to overwrite the existing file: http://fullterrain.com/orbxnateam/JimR/65S_ADEX_ORBX.zip Jim
  13. No, Graham told me 65S didn't make it into the FTX NA AI package unfortunately. I decompiled the default traffic file and found there are only 3 Mooney Bravo flights into 65S and as I recall the Mooney didn't have the problem either. We had a guy learning to fly back in the 80s that had poor depth perception and he was trying to learn in a C170. He ended up ground looping it on 02 right about where the Skyhawk veers off the runway. I guess we'll just have to pass the screwy AI off as "As real as it gets", lol Jim
  14. Hi Tom, I'm not sure what's up with that, I think there's some kind of paranormal anomaly somehow connected to the Bermuda triangle at 65S that causes it. I pulled my hair out trying to figure out what the problem was prior to release, it actually doesn't make any difference if you completely disable all FTX/Orbx stuff in the scenery library so I don't think it's connected to Orbx 65S itself. Also IIRC it's aircraft specific, the Skyhawk and the Archer do it but the Baron doesn't. Oddly enough, in an attempt to connect it to a particular aircraft I set up a test traffic file at nearby KSZT Sandpoint with similar conditions and the AI behaved normally with no dancing around at all that I noticed (they just flew into the mountain on downwind whenever the wind favored Rwy 1, but...). My official stand on the issue is therefore: "damifino" Jim
  15. That's awesome, I've met one simmer in person in my entire simming life and it was really a cool experience to actually talk FS with someone sitting in the same room. Great photo BTW!
  16. Check out what's playing on Winamp, bet you can't guess what inspired that
  17. I think you can adjust your weights as desired and then save it as your default flight, then any flight you create from the free flight menu will inherit those weights as long as you don't change the airplane. If you need something more permanent than that, make a backup of your aircraft.cfg then drag it into a Notepad window and look for the [WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE] header, under that you'll see a bunch of station_load.X lines, each line represents an area in the payload editor, for example station_load.0 is usually the pilot and you'll also see some station_name.X lines that you can match up so you know what you're editing. Just change the weights to what you want, the first number after the = sign is the weight, leave the others alone. Jim
  18. Just right click any word with the red underline and it will give you suggestions, click the one you like and it corrects it.
  19. Change it to ShowTriggers=0 or remove the line completely and the green boxes will go away Jim
  20. Fuel triggers? Do you have ShowTriggers=1 in your fsx.cfg?
  21. I thought maybe you FTXG devs were still pissed about AntarcticaX excluding autogen in New Zealand so this is what you did to get back at 'em.
  22. Glad to hear you have sorted it out, I'll mark this resolved then. Have a nice flight!
  23. I would as Wulf mentioned install the 1,2, and 3 patches again in that order selecting North America each time FTX Central opens after the install and also start the sim and load a flight at 65S prior to closing and installing the next patch. After that I'd install the latest Orbxlibs. If that doesn't change anything then take a look in FTX Central under Tools > Scenery Library Configuration > FTX Scenery Library Insertion Points and make sure you don't have anything installed in a layer above your FTX stuff that could be causing the problem, any landclass products, UTX, etc. If you see anything like that just click on it to highlight it and then on the right click "Set insertion point", then save and exit. Good luck and let us know how you make out. Jim
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